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HOT kissing advice :

Sadly for us, there is no school where we can learn how to give a good kiss, if want to do it then we just have to learn it by ourselves, maybe if we watch some romantic movies or even watching other couples kissing each other.
For that reason, on this essay we will give you some advices to give your couple a really good kiss and that way you can steal her heart with just kiss.
To give a good kiss, the first you must know is that our lips must be a little wet before kissing anyone. Actually, if our lips are so dry, then our kiss will not be totally enjoyable, because they cannot move if they are totally dry. Oh, speaking of which, you must get your lips wet discretely.
It is absolutely necessary to keep your head close and a little to the right or to the left, so that way the noses will not interfere with the long and nice kiss. I think this is unnecessary but remember to turn your head right if your couple did it to the left and vice versa.
Remember that a really good kiss must be given with the eyes totally closed. But first you must look right into the eyes and close your eyes when your lips are too close from her.
You should start with a really soft and nice kiss and of course with the mouth a little closed. Later you can open them up slowly. The first kiss must be tender at the beginning. Some people say to give a really good kiss it is highly recommendable to think that it is actually the last kiss with your couple.
Well, if you want go beyond the situation, you can use the French kiss, I mean a kiss with the mouth wide opened, you must figure out if your couple really want to give you a French kiss too. To do this, while kissing, you can open up your mouth slowly and enjoy your couple’s lips, suddenly you can start putting your tongue inside little by little, and of course you should do this if you realize that your couple really likes what you are doing with the lips. Is your couple does not answer to movement of your lips, maybe it is better to wait a little more before trying again a classic French kiss.
If you feel like your couple is really enjoying your kisses, then there is no point stopping the nice kiss and this means you have to start exploring with your tongue a little more. But remember that every kiss must go slowly. At the beginning, just put the tip of your tongue inside her mouth and if you realize she likes it, this means you can go a little further, but do not try to put all your tongue inside her mouth, you should try to play a little and make of this moment an unconditional pleasure for the both of you.
Keep in mind that a really good kiss does not have to be necessarily the last one. The kisses must change, for example, sometimes you can just play around with her lips and other times you can play with her tongue. Try to find out the likes of you couple, because each person has a special way to kiss and to express love. To do this, you must pay attention to every whisper, moan, how she kisses you and her body movements.
Also it is really important not to forget about using the hands while you are kissing her. The hands are like the romantic detail of every kiss. Maybe you are already wondering what to do with the hands. Well, you can softly touch her face, her hair or even her hands; you also can put your hands on her hips.
If you really want to give a good kiss, then you have to do lot of practice, so kiss your couple as much as you can. You will see that the more kisses you give to her, the more comfortable the kissing time will be for you and her. Also remember not to crash your teeth or bite your tongue, this actually is for the rookies. 
Finally, some last advice to give a good kiss is to keep it calmed and relaxed, take a good breathe and of course your mouth must smell really good. The person who will kiss someone cannot have bad breathe; the mouth must be like a field o roses before kissing anyone, for that reason, you always must have in your pocket, wallet or whatever some mint bubble gum or maybe some tic-tacs. Kissing is a wonderful experience as long as you do it with the boy or the girl you really like. To give a really good kiss you just have to enjoy the moment.

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