When is the international womens day

International  Women’s Day (8 March),a history of International women’s day :

Since some years ago, in consequence of many social fights started by the women with an objective called “same rights for everyone”, there was created the celebrations for the day Of the woman. Today, it is possible to see how the women can develop the same work as the men on any kind of job and area, and of course their efforts are being recognized by the men.


The date of this date is related with the fights of many female workers at the United States of America and the fight for the right to vote of the European women. Thanks to the efforts of these women organizations and political organizations, this wave of political complaints was extended over the whole world. So on March 8th, it was establishes internationally as the day of the woman, a special date to remember all the efforts and fight the women started to obtain the same rights and the same treatment.

Actually, we have been witnesses how the women are sometimes even better workers than the men; this is because they occupy successfully some positions on the fields where the female access was totally denied, like the politics. Today there are many woman presidents like Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, and just some years ago the president Michelle Bachelet in Chile. In Peru, there are many women occupying some important positions at the ministries, like for example: Mercedes Araoz as the economy government minister and Nydia Vilchez as woman’s government minister. In Brazil, the same president Lula has chose as candidate for the next government to Dilma Rousseff. In Bolivia, the president Evo Morales updated its new group of minister by adding 10 women to the principal lists, in other words the half of the entire group of minister will be females.

The principal characteristic of these women is their interest for the politics since they were too young. Dilma Rousseff was on the early 60’s a head leader of some anti-military forces in her own country.

But the women do not just have their hands over the politics; they are occupying some jobs which we thought they were strictly for men. We can find women working as mechanic of cars, there are also female taxi drivers, female building employees, female airplane pilots, female astronauts, female football referees, female soccer players, female boxers, female nascar  racers (this one is totally unbelievable dude), female engineers, female teachers, female executives with an important position on a big corporation, female general managers, business women, and etc, there is no area, or job or whatever, where the women cannot perform a good job as the men. 

The dreams of the modern women are not limited to be just a simple homemaker and just take care of the children at home caged like a prisoner, their dreams are really ambitious. Now the most of them want to go to the College to study a professional career so after doing that they can obtain a good job. In many married couples, the jobs at home are totally shred between the man and the woman. Even sometimes when the husband is unemployed, he must take care of the whole situation and make the unsettled things at home, in other words he must be the “homemaker”, because the woman must go to work and bring the money home day by day.

Although the times have changed and today the woman got the chance to study and work at the same time, not all of them can enjoy of the same rights at all. There are actually a lot of married women who cannot work out of home because of their husbands think the role of a good wife means staying at home all day making dinner and that kind of stuff, and such theory was taught by their mothers actually, because if a man does not know how to cook or clean, the mother was the one to blame, this is something they call “women’s things”.

However, on the XXI century, the women are not formed to be exclusively just a homemaker or something like that but also to study a professional career, to get a good job and keep a family up. Then it is necessary the families to teach their own kids that man and woman have exactly the same rights and duties. So the jobs at home like-the cooking, cleaning, ironing, making the laundry and etc- must be totally shared.

For everything a woman can do and more, on the international day of the woman, do not lose the chance to send your regards to all female workers you know. Next we will give you some greetings you can send to them maybe through sms (text message), e-mail, twitter or facebook, on this March 8th.

:: Because you fight for your rights and your dreams. Many congratulations on your day.

:: Today you must feel a complete woman and do anything you ever wanted to. Happy day of the woman.

:: Happy female worker’s day

:: Because thanks to you, each time the number of female workers in increasing. Happy day of the woman.

:: You must decide to live your own way. Congratulations on your day, woman.

:: God bless you woman, because you are beautiful, hardworking and a good mother.

On this March 8th, every woman must know that her role with the society has changed drastically these last years, and besides being a good homemaker, good wife and good mother, she can also be an efficient professional worker. Happy day to all the women around the whole world.

Images by:elicec