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“And live happily until death separates you”. These words seal the union of two people when they get married. Marriage is one of the most important events for a couple.

When a man and a woman decide this, they must consider that this is a commitment for life, and they both must be sure they chose the right person to be happy.

If a friend or relative has decided to get married, people around them will greet and congratulate them for their decision to marry the love of their life. Through social networks like Facebook or Twitter we can also congratulate bride and groom.

Do you want to know what to write to those who are about to get married? In this article we present you some wedding congratulations. Bride and groom will love receiving them.

Free List Wedding Congratulations:

“I congratulate you for deciding to get married. Ever since I first saw you I knew you were meant for each other, and I can see I was not wrong. I wish you both the best and may your relationship be full with love and happiness”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

“I know you will be happy, because when you look at each other there are sparks of happiness. Congratulations, and may your marriage last forever”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

“I think your love story could only end this way. I know you have decided to get married, and I am very happy for it. Hurray for bride and groom”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

“Your wedding will surely be one of the most memorable moments in your lives. I send you my best wishes for your union. You are a proof that true love always defeats adversity”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

“I have never seen two people love each other like you do. Today you will say I do in front of everybody and give yourselves to each other forever. I congratulate you both for deciding to get married. Be very happy”.
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“I am glad to see you happy for knowing you will be husband and wife tomorrow. I wish you are happy forever”.
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“I cannot go to your wedding today because I am far away. I only want you to know your wedding makes me and everybody who love you happy. Congratulations and may you both be very happy together”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

“They say only brave people get married nowadays, but in your case I think it is a triumph of love. Congratulations on your marriage. May love be in your hearts forever”.
Category : Wedding Congratulations

We hope you liked these wedding congratulations. Remember, a wedding is an unforgettable day for a couple. Make bride and groom happy with one of these congratulations.

Send your originals phrases, text messages, quotes about Wedding Congratulations and will be published , others friends will thank you.

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Wedding Congratulations, The Best Wedding Congratulations, Free List Wedding Congratulations, The Most Cool Wedding Congratulations for Facebook, Wedding Congratulations for Facebook

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