Twitter and Social Networks

Twitter and Social Networks, Twitter, Social Networks, The Boom of Twitter and the Social Networks, Information of Twitter, Information of Social Networks, What is TwitterThe Boom of Twitter and Social Networks:

Twitter has had a surprising success in the last year. This social network has become a fundamental tool for spreading news and announcing events online. Thanks to Twitter we can communicate with people we are interested in, as many politicians, artists and sports people have an account in this network.

Twitter has been used in many places to call to demonstrations and meetings quickly. Twitter has many advantages for its users, but it is not the only social network. There are other well known ones like Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace, Hi5, Tuenti, Orkut and others that have similar services to Twitter’s.

In this article we will learn more about Twitter and other social networks in cyberspace. We will look at their similarities and characteristics.

The Twitter social network is currently very popular, not just as a web site to connect with friends and people. It is important mainly because of fast information. One of Twitter’s characteristics is that it has a limited amount of characters (140) to send messages, and because of this it is known as the “internet SMS”.

Like Facebook, you can connect from any mobile equipment. This will depend on the country where you connect from. For further details, visit

Facebook is the social network with most users around the world and the preferred one with young people. Unlike Twitter, we can post messages on wall using more than 140 characters. In Facebook we can publish photos or event, send comments, link videos, chat or mark the content we like.

Nowadays, most brand products have a Facebook community because they know this social network has many visitors daily. Enter and enjoy all these benefits at

Hi5 is another social network in cyberspace. Although in the last 2 years it has been superseded by Facebook, Hi5 still has many users, especially young people and teenagers. This social network allows us to create a profile and be creative when designing it. We can add many colors and designs, as well as startup music for those who visit our account. A disadvantage of Hi5 has been
the bursting in of a lot of spam (junk mail) in it. However, Hi5 still is one of the most active social networkd in cyberspace. Visit

MySpace is one of the most popular social networks among artists. Through MySpace many music groups make their names known or promote their new material. Like other social networks, we can post photos or videos, interact with our friends and publish events.

One of MySpace’s characteristics is that you can associate your account in this social network with
another in Facebook. Like all the above social networks, you can open your account from any mobile equipment depending on your geographical position. For further information, visit

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Twitter and Social Networks, Twitter, Social Networks, The Boom of Twitter and the Social Networks, Information of Twitter, Information of Social Networks, What is Twitter


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