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Beautiful birthday
letter for my Mother

find sweet happy birthday greetings for my Mother

Looking for best birthday letters for your Mother ? No one in this lifetime will love you in a special way how does it your Mom, her love is unconditional, sincere and disinterested.
If you have the joy of having your mom you should feel a very lucky person and you should try to give back all that she has done and does for you.
If her birthday is near, you should cheer with a note in which you express your love and gratitude to her.
Here we bring you two models of notes that you can customize to give to your mom on this special day. You will see that she will be happy to get that much detail.

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Birthday letter for my MotherĀ  1 :

From: John
To: Mom
My beloved Mother, today is your birthday and I have so much to tell you, for what I have prepared this very special note.
To begin I want to say I’m very happy you’re my mom; I’ve always enjoyed your support, your advice and especially your love. In my happiest memories you are always with you because you’ve always looked for my welfare.
Life is better when you’re next to me and I thank you for making me who I am today, thanks for leading me in paths of good and teach everything you need to be happy.
I carry you in my heart and I will continue doing it forever, your memory always fills me with joy and gives me peace of mind, so in the day of your birthday is my desire that passes very happy and may God bless you with health and many more years of life to continue to enjoy your company.
Congratulations on your birthday!

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Birthday letter for my MotherĀ  2 :

From: Gloria
To: My Mother
Dear Mom,
this day is very special for us all and for that I want to dedicate a note in which I express how much I love you.
Today I am a happy person and thanks to always have given me unconditional love from the moment I came into this world. Thanks to you I have the happiest memories of all the stages of my life.
You have taught me so many important things in life and above all have given me the best example to see your efforts so that we might live well. You’re like an angel that God sent from heaven to look for us.
It is a great fortune that I have to have you as a Mother and know that despite the years go by; your love remains the same.
Today you meet another year of life and so we all will celebrate. Always remember that you are present in my heart because I love you so much Mom. Have a happy birthday.
Your mom will be very happy to read one of these notes and see that her children appreciate her in a sincere way. Remember that every day you should show your affection and gratitude.

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