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How to have the perfect wedding:
Their importance, meaning, planning, celebration etc.

The ideal marriage is not going to arise by chance or by divine blessings, but it is the product of effort, and goals of one partner over time that will be crystallized when they reach an old age and look back and realize how much they have advanced to see their children grown up, and to evaluate the goals that they have achieved.

Among the conditions for an ideal marriage, we find, among the most important, the commitment, the ability of acceptance, the ability to listen and the ability to share. But, without love there is no perfect marriage, so it is the most important condition of all. 
Modern times have made the phrase that the priests used to conclude a marriage ceremony with: “What God has joined together let no man separate”, no longer valid. 
What is the importance of marriage and making it ideal is what many young people today are unaware of. They join their lives simply because they have a sexual need that had unintended results (premarital pregnancies) and is what we will explain as follows. 
The ideal marriage is the union of two persons of different sex in order to love, respect, raise a family, both financially contribute to the marital relationship, share good and bad experiences with each other, and to be together until the end of their days, but today we can see that these purposes that marriage brings us have become weaken with the passing of the years and the daily vicissitudes.  
There are a number of reasons which will allow our application to become an ideal marriage:  
• Always keep communication channels open within the couple because they listen and respond in a timely manner are synonymous with good relationships.  
• It is necessary that the couple is busier than its members to share their free time in common activities, enjoying their company. 
• Hugging and cuddling it’s a sign that love and sexual attraction is in force in the couple.  
• Encourage the couple in the most difficult time allows creating positive environments. Highlight the positive aspects allows the other to see that his or her partner is giving him or her proper value. 
• We must have the capacity to accept the person we love openly and without conditions. This will make us feel happy because we know that we are accepted as we are; with both are virtues and flaws. 
• The existence of mutual commitments between members of a couple is a step forward in solving problems. 
• Eliminate financial difficulties by providing, not spend more than what is perceived, it reduces by a large percentage the amount of couples disputes.  
• Maintain a festive and joyful spirit, is a great aid for reducing relationship stress points.  
• Show each other how important they are to each other over family, friends and neighbors.  
The celebration of marriage in any religion means the commitment between two people, the exchange of rings which means seal the commitment made to be together until death do them part not until the man splits them up. Remember that when it comes to the conclusion, we are not talking about the party that follows the marriage, but we are referring to the commitment of love that made two people into the future.  
Some believe that the ideal marriage is something that does not exist, but it all depends on the glass that you look at it, go on the street, go to church one Sunday and watch elderly couples and see that if the ideal marriage is real, then we like it or not your daily discrepancies have managed to survive time and have achieved their common goals. Let’s look at their happy and full of peace faces, and then try to understand that if in real life ideal marriages could happen or not. 
So if we want our marriage to be ideal, we must prepare to fight for it, get ready to share, to listen, to understand love, to show our love for the other partner. Do not forget that the ideal marriage is love between two people. 
Those who think that giving a flower to their partners, tell him or her how much you love then, to express a feeling through a hug is something corny and outdated, we will like to remind you that these are the romantic elements that can keep alive the flame of love in a mate, and are essential ingredients that are needed to have the ability to listen, the ability to share, the ability to accept, which are all elements that help us achieving what we call ideal marriage.  
In short, all religions are performed marriages with their own specificity but each finding ideal marriage is subject to the attitudes that are members of the couple to keep it despite the daily vicissitudes and temptations that are presented.

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