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Steps to leave a relationship without hurting the other one,How to break-up without hurting your girlfriend : 

The couple’s relationship is one of the most difficult to maintain relationships because love is required not only between the members, but also a lot of patience, perseverance and communication and when, in spite of all these ingredients, we cannot build a relationship then it is probably because, suddenly, there are no targets common or because one of the members of the couple found another person who wakes up strong emotions in him or her.

Sincerity and truth should be the tools to use to complete to the best of a relationship, because nobody says that we must end the bad, as irreconcilable enemies, but we need to look off the relationship and ensure that no one gets hurt…

Human beings, men or women, we have many ways to fall in love with each other, either by using the words, songs, flowers, gifts, chocolates, poetry, poems, and when we have it, we use our good looks and physical attributes, to suit our efforts when we feel that love is in every moment of our life and only just when we got the coveted “accept” or “if I do” to the famous question will you be my girlfriend, want to be my love or want to be my wife?, but when we feel the love that we will not be much effort for more then just have a way to end the relationship and is fighting.

If you cannot believe that what got built with love, patience and persistence, can collapse by bad word said without thinking, with a ratio of infidelity, with a stroke, in essence an act of violence, much love prior to a irrationality when verbal, physical or love to waste, so we believe we need to inform them, teach them how to cut a relationship healthy and not get hurt in the attempt or hurt the other part of the couple, preserving the good memories together forever, which in most cases are the children, the main victims of a relationship of people who do not know how to cut it properly.

The key to any couple and also a symptom of maturity is when we notice that something cannot be “left for later” when there are problems in the relationship is necessary to “take the bull by the horns” or act quickly and refer to our partner in order to talk about it and, eventually, solve the problem, which is our view of what we think is wrong with the relationship, which, if the relationship does not work tell him or her directly, we can no longer continue and the need to separate for a while or permanently, allowing us to maintain this attitude good friendship after the relationship.

Modern times have shown that men and women not only have the same rights claimed by the latter in their campaigns for equal rights, but also have the same attitude when it comes to romance with a third person outside the relationship, so if we believe we can fall in love or fall in love with someone other than our spouse, it is best to terminate the relationship and to openly tell your partner about it, perhaps in the near future we can to return life avatars of our love relationship or just stay as friends.

In short, when we form a couple with someone, we should know that it takes really hard work to maintain that relationship, sooner rather than later will be completed and most of the time become not only rivals but personal as irreconcilable enemies but what court many times and love this product if you have children, will suffer from not knowing the proper completion of an affair.

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