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The disease is a condition in which apart from the symptoms, the discouragement and depression caused for the disease, lies us in bed and takes away the desire to do anything to continue with our day.

If the disease is a sad state, it is much more when it is a child who suffers. View a helpless, weak and sick child breaks our heart. Despite this, children are further those struggling with all their wills against the disease. They never lose heart and always have reasons to smile although there can be minimum possibilities.

Today we have prepared phrases to give encouragement to those children going through an illness. Is this serious or not, he needs the support of everyone and these phrases are just to support and cheer them.

Free list of messages for sick children:

– “You are very brave and you will soon be better. Never give up, God cares for you and soon you will be running as before, free as a bird. “
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– “Be who you are fighting with all your might. Keep it small, keep fighting because you will recover soon. This disease you can never win. “
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– “The love that God has for you is infinite. He will not let you fall. He will give many strength to continue, to keep you smiling that beautiful smile of yours. “
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– “If you do everything the doctor tells you and if you trust God, you will be soon going back to school and playing again. Do not feel sad that all this will happen very soon. Do not forget that I love you with all my heart. “
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– “With every one of your smiles you give me a great lesson. You are very strong and I know that soon you will leave this ugly situation. Keep as brave as you are now. Soon you will be much better. “
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– “We all love you and will always be looking after you. You are not alone and we love your effort, you will be totally recovered. We will pray much for your improvement. “
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– “You are the bravest boy I know and I know that all your effort will be rewarded soon. God will reward you with good health and soon we will go back to eating the ice cream you most like. Do not be sad. “
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– “The doctor said this disease is temporary, so do not worry and just take care for you to get better. Follow the recommendations and rely heavily on God. I love you and I’ll be watching you, my love. “
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– “We all got sick once, but always soon disappears. So do not be sad and take the medicine the doctor prescribed you. I know you’ll be much better in a few days. “
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– “Have some patience, this disease will soon pass. For that you should eat everything the doctor have said and rest until you are recovered. I know anytime you can get up and play until tired. “
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– “I know you feel bad, beautiful child but please be brave. All this will not last forever and will soon be better. God is above you and He cares and wants you to get better too. “
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– “The best medicine for the disease is the love of your family and all the smiles you can give us. Just take your medicine and you will be soon jumping, running and playing. “
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We hope these posts are to your liking and that they can give encouragement to those sick children who need you.

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