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Being apart physically does not mean we cannot express how much we appreciate a special person, or what we feel about them. Luckily, distances are now shorter thanks to technology that allows us to be closer to the people we want, at least through a web camera or live chat.
For whatever reason, the person you love so much had to go to a distant place, fighting for a life of greater opportunities, whether it is for business or for academic reasons, or perhaps simply for a long vacation. Regardless of why it was, you are still together and the love there is between the two of you still exists, so express it to her and bring a smile out of her face. On the next few lines we offer you several models of messages you could use.
Free list of love messages for my girlfriend:
:: “Honey, despite the distance, I want you to know that my heart only beats for you. I adore you and I always will, you do not know much I am missing you. Soon we will be reunited and we will be together as always. I idolize you, my life”.
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:: “The physical distance between us is irrelevant to me, because when love is real, then nothing and no one will get to separate us. I have learned that when you feel close to the person you love most in your heart, then the miles in between simply act as a physical barrier, but nothing more. As long as there are efforts on both sides to maintain a good communication, then there will be nothing to fear, my life. I hope you always remember how much I love you”.
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:: “You are the girl of my life. I am sure of it and I have no doubt, that is why I will wait for you. Regardless of the space that separates us right now, there are more important things and I think that we know them very well, my love. My ultimate dream is the day in which we will meet again, the moment when I can finally take you in my arms, linking my fingers with yours, kissing you passionately and never letting you go. As I wait for you, it hurts so much not having you around, but still I will wait for you, I swear that I will keep doing so. You have nothing to worry about, as I told you before. I am counting the minutes, days and hours”.
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:: “No matter how large the physical distance that keeps us apart is, the love we have for each other is bigger than that, unstoppable, immense and infinite. Knowing that, the truth is I will not worry. All we have to do is continue as we have been doing so far, writing each other, calling each other and sending each other many messages. That makes us feel closer despite we are not, but what is closer is what matter most: our hearts, my life”.
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:: “We all know that, when we see the stars in the sky, they are not only completely distant, but they also ceased to exist a long time ago, but the light they projected remains, persists. I think the love we have is just like that, as the light, resistant to everything, to the passing of time, to the cruelest distances. I adore you”.
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:: “There is not a single moment that you I do not miss you my life. All I do is miss you at every moment and at every breath; I miss your kisses, I crave your lips and I would love to be in your arms. This waiting is killing me, but I know it is worth it, I know that there is only a little more time for it to be over. Soon we will be together again, I swear”.
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It does not matter that the entire ocean is between us, you cannot let that stop you from showing your love to that special someone in your life. Remember, what really establishes a distance between two people is no a physical separation, but carelessness, lack of communication, trust issues and lack of interest. Make your best effort and fight for the love that won your heart over.
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