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Ways to solve any relationship problem,Answers to your relationship problems :

The couple’s problems are as varied and as old as the existence of couples, often allowing the couple to consolidate after the crisis but, in some other cases, allowing couples to define whether or not to stay together.

Because if their problems are related to trust issues among partners and these problems could be solved through dialogue, then there might be a solution; but if, on the other hand, if the problems are physical, psychological and sexual abuse and cannot be corrected with the help of a specialist in couples.

The best thing that could happen is that the couple splits up and avoids ending up in police station or in the pages of the local newspapers. 

It is always said that the hardest part of the game of love is getting a couple, we believe that this is the easiest part of it all, while the hard part is to keep it, especially when you add love or personal problems, even problems related to employment or even existential problems that, in many cases, enhance the relationship, while in others it is the exact opposite what happens, and these problems contribute to a deeper level of love, when the problems help consolidating a couple. 

No person in the whole wide world can say that he or she do not has any issue with his or her partner during their lifetime, it is necessary to take maturely and be a rigid partner in attitudes and behavior become a flexible partner that fits the problems and circumstances with the consequent growth loving relationship or partner. 
It is important to assume that the path of married life is not linear, but it is full of obstacles that only mature people and the immense love for each other can help to be able to get through it, because the best way to manage the situation within a couple is to talk honestly about those things that you do not like about your partner, in order for him or her to make the corrections and vice versa. 
It is also necessary to understand that in the process of consolidation of a pair, there is often the apparition of a temporary crisis, due to the “temptations” to people of the opposite sex. But it is exactly at this point that one should use their moral values to stand and reaffirm their love towards your partner.  
Assuming the existence of problems in a couple in a mature way means not compromising the fundamentals of a couple’s relationship, the trust in times of crisis will become the key weapon to overcome them. 
When problems are in their most critical stage, it is worth trying to answer a series of questions that can help minimize the difficulties presented. Questions such as “What do I feel for my partner?, Do you still feel love?, Do we have the same goals?,” Does my partner wakes desire in me?, Do I have confidence and trust in my partner?, Am I willing to understand my partner no matter what?, “I am able to save my relationship? 
But all these problems are nothing when there are problems of physical violence that often culminate in sexual violence, psychological violence problems, or where one partner has fallen into the clutches of drug addiction or alcoholism or suffer from a disease which somehow aggravates his or her mental condition. To solve these problems it is often necessary to enlist the help of specialists to help correct through behavior therapy. 
The interaction between members of the couple is the best way to behave and to solve the problems that arise in the process of relationship that they live and it is necessary to establish a place to talk and spend minutes of their time for achieving solutions to the conflict.  
The attitude to understand and listen to others is also a key to improving relations between a couple, because otherwise there will be a “dialogue of the deaf” not possible to reach to any conclusion and finally be willing to change for the sake of harmony partners are the key elements of behavior in a healthy and mature relationship.  
In the process of discussion of marital problems, each partner should always look for the elements close to the couple that separates them. Remember that in the solution of marital problems that occur along the relationship, there will not be an avenger or a winner, but the both of them will be winners. Never pretend to disqualify the other partner, when you are explaining that anything you dislike about your partner and the consequences generated by this attitude. A very important point of discussion of the problem is to accept each partner their share of responsibility.  
In other words the best way to behave during troubleshooting couple goes by assuming that each partner must change their personal behavior in order to be able to succeed. 
In short, conflicts or relationship problems are solved to the extent that its members show mutual respect, trust, love, and that there is no physical, sexual or psychological violence.

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