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Short love messages
for Girlfriend

Short love messages for girlfriend
Searching for sweet Whatsapp short love messages ? When love reaches your heart, there is nothing that can stop it; therefore, we offer you cute long distance love messages, to share with your partner.

We leave beautiful love messages to send to your partner who is far away, hoping they will be of pleasure for both of you.

Lines below, you will find wonderful long distance love poems for you boyfriend or girlfriend. Use them in Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

Original “I miss you” short love messages

:: “My love, I miss you so much, I can barely see you, I look forward to having the nights by your side that we always shared before your trip”.

:: “Day and night are stages to allow our beautiful romance, wherever you are, I will love you. Come back soon darling”.

:: “An angel fell from heaven dressed in white, who filled me with tenderness and gave me his love. Now that you had to fly elsewhere, I will follow you”.

:: “My dear, I imagine your hands in my face, just by thinking about it, I feel like the most beloved woman in the universe, I miss you honey!”.

:: “Whenever I can, I’ll have a surprise to send you, because you’re the girl of my dreams and I love you. Remember that I’m here waiting for you”.

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Download sweet romantic messages
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:: “Your love is the vitamin that my heart acclaims and my body needs to be loved for life. The distance will make us stronger”.

:: “You are a wonderful woman, and therefore I will wait for the time to tell you that I love you very much. I’m here for you”.

:: “Distance separated us, but one day we will unite our hearts to give joy and love to our lives. I miss you”.

:: “You are the love of my life, who encourages me to keep going, even if you are far away, your messages encourage me to continue. I love you”.

Cute long distance
love phrases

:: “I feel lonely when you are not by my side; waiting in the long and cold nights my love grows in spite of the wait”.

:: “Dear, I only wish to be your guide and your protector, from distance I will show you the way of love, thus you would make me the happiest man”.

:: “I will do the impossible to show you that the love I feel for you is immensely honest. We will be happy despite of the distance. Love you very much”.

:: “You are the woman of my dreams, the one who wakes me up with her charms and a good morning from the cell phone. I love you”.

:: “If I tell you that I love you, it’s because I feel it that way. Let life teach us to be confident, even at a distance everything is possible”.

:: “I dream in a life with you since you left. Come back soon and you will make me the happiest man”.
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Best flirty text messages
for Her

:: “At the time I was alone I thought that I would stay that way, until someone dazzled me from far away and that someone is you. I love you and I miss you so much”.

:: “I love you so much darling, even from a distance you know how to get to the bottom of my heart , come back soon, let’s be happy forever”.

:: “The stars are the guide of my steps; they will take me where I can find you honey. I love you and I miss you very much”.

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We invite you to download any of these cute long distance love words to send to your partner who is far away and with that, express your true feelings.

flirty text messages for girlfriend

Get nice love phrases
when you are far away

In this article we will present cute long distance love poems, so you can dedicate your partner some special words if he/she is far away.

Lines below, you will find beautiful long distance love messages to send to your partner that is far from you, and thus give a nice detail.

We leave you the best long distance love thoughts for your partner that is far away. Use them freely in your social networks.Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say 'I Love You'

Download sweet romantic text messages
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:: “Listen to my heart; it is calling you from afar because it misses you so much. I love you so much my Queen”.

:: “I love you; I just wish to have you back, have a glass of wine and toast for our love”.

:: “You are far away but our love lives as always, please come back to me soon. I adore you. I’m waiting for you”.

:: “My friends ask me about you, because you are the one who has changed the reason of my existence, even from afar, I love you darling”.

:: “I really want to love you and protect you with all my strength; I am counting the days to see you, I know that when we would finally be together, it will be forever”.

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Sweet and touching I love you
Whatsapp text messages

:: “At your side I feel completely happy, although you are far away, I’ll wait for you to return, because my life without you has no sense. I love you”.

:: “Honey, I do not only miss to have you in my arms, but also your nice words. I love you, come back to me”.

:: “I dream with you every night, just come back please, it would be the best gift that you could give me”.

:: “When you return from such a long journey, I just want us to be together and enjoy of each other, I love you”.

Whatsapp romantic messages

:: “I am preparing to live, laugh, dance, love and do everything that makes us happy, the time to meet you again is close”.

:: “Because of our love, we will soon be together in spite of distance. Nothing will interfere with our happiness”.

:: “May life give us many good wishes for love and prosperity; I think about you every day, my love”.

:: “With you I would go to infinity, I just want you to be here and enjoy our love, I miss you so much”.

:: “I want you to be my beloved wife, just come back to my side and we will be happy forever”.

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short love messages for Her

:: “Every day of my life will be precious by your side, although you are far away now, the most beautiful time of our life is yet to come”.

:: “Darling, you are far from me now but soon you will be here, because I feel in love with you and I know that you too”.

:: “You are the best thing that has happened to my life and I am ready to wait for you. I love you so much, honey”.

:: “My love is the best proof of what I feel for you, I’ll wait for you to come back because you’re the only person that I want to be with.”.

:: “I love you so much darling. All I want is to be with you now, I miss you a lot but I know we have to be patient”.

We end this article with the best long distance relationship messages for a love that is far from you now.

Remember that you can also download short and emotional love messages for your partner at a distance. Share them in you social networks.Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

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