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It is always nice to dedicate a few love words to your partner so that your relationship remains strong. You must constantly nurture your relationship with a lot of love, communication and nice details.

A nice detail is when you receive a romantic text out of the bloom that makes you very happy, that is why you cannot help but have those nice details with your partner.

On the next few lines we offer you a series of romantic texts that you can dedicate to your partner.

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:: “Love took shape when I met you. Then love had a face and a voice, a name and a surname. Love is you, my life, the one that makes me live in a paradise”.
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:: “I like to feel you close, your head sinking into my neck, your breath on my chest and the feeling that our union will last until God decides to separate us. I love you”.
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:: “When I see you I wonder what I did to deserve so much happiness. A heart like yours is a prize I never imagined winning. Your love is the greatest blessing of all”.
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:: “I want you to know that I cannot stop thinking about you, I feel that without your company I am totally alone. I cannot get you out off my mind and that is because you are the girl of my dreams. ”
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:: “Today has been a very difficult day and I feel very tired but whenever I think of you and that I will see you again, my energies are renewed. If it gets too late I will only stop by to see you for a minute. I cannot wait to see you, my love. ”
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:: “I am thinking about you all day, I count the seconds to see you again. But time always plays tricks on me, when I am with you flies by and when I am without you it goes by too slowly. I cannot see the hours to see you and give you a big kiss. ”
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Best ‘I love you’ quotes
about soulmates for Him & Her

:: “Every time I am with you everything is amazing, the day becomes beautiful and the birds sing, I am sure it is because our love is like an inspiration to them. I am happy with you and I love showing it to other people. ”
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:: “By your side I feel that everything is just amazing, we never stop laughing, we have a blast when we are together. Our love is very special and I cannot wait to see you and tell you how much I love you by kissing you. ”
Category: Love messages for her

:: “You are the light that illuminates my life, I am happy to have you by my side. I would like so much to be with you every second of the day, kiss you on the lips and tell you how much I love you. ”
Category: Love messages for her

:: “I thank you for being the most wonderful person I know. I never thought I could be so happy in life. I Love you ”
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Sweet and touching I love you
text messages for girlfriend

:: “I just want to complement you completely, to be the only person you need in your life. I want to love you day and night, wrap my arms around you and protect you from everything, and above all, I just want to make you immensely happy.

You are a unique woman and nothing makes me more proud than having you as my wife and sharing my life with you. ”
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:: “We may have some fights, but my love for you will never change no matter what. A love like ours survives time and distance.

I love you immensely, dear wife, and no there is no other woman with whom I would want to share my life with for the rest of my life. ”
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:: “I have made many mistake in my life, but making you my wife compensated all of them. You are the perfect blend of sensuality and tenderness, so I know that I will never find a woman like you.

If you promise me eternal love, I swear I will make you happy forever. “
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We are sure that your wife will love our texts and that she will be very happy. In this website you will always find the best love phrases, so come back very soon!Romantic phrases you should say to your love

Pure love messages &
romantic quotes

:: “Nothing would make me happier than leaving work and taking you out for a walk and make a fool out of myself on the street just to see you smile. So, we have a date, I promise you that we will be great. ”
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:: “What are you doing later? Are you going to ask me out on a date? I will not get mad if you don’t, but since I could die if I don’t see you, I will meet you later, even uninvited.”
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:: “What you are doing that you are not answering me? It is not that I want to control you, it is just that I miss you very much and I wonder if you also miss me.

When you read this text, remember that no matter what time it is, I will always be waiting for your kisses. ”
Category:  Short Love messages for Messenger

:: “I would give anything for one of your kisses, for being able to hold you in my arms, feeling you and smelling your skin. I miss you and I wonder if I am in your thoughts, just as you are always in mine. I love you and I will love you forever. ”
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Best inspiring romantic
love quotes for her

:: “Baby, every single night I dream with you, give me the joy of seeing you again. I love you.”
Category : Romantic short messages for girlfriend

:: “I’m sending you this sms because I can’t stop thinking about you. The stars are constantly telling me that you are closer than I think. I love you too much.”
Category : Romantic short messages for girlfriend

:: “ Some men brag for claiming that they’ve seen angels, but I’ve seen you, and, for me, you are like a thousand stars shining in a cloudless sky. I love you with my life.”
Category : Romantic short messages for girlfriend

:: “If one day you feel alone you only need to call me, I’ll be by your side whenever you need me. I love you with my heart.”
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Short Messenger romantic
texts for wife

:: “You are the greatest treasure of my life, you are a positive force that gives me happiness, you are the sun that illuminates my days. To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole universe, you are my perfect complement. ”
Category: Sweet love messages

:: “How hard it is to want to be with you. I want you to be mine, but we are so different, and there is a huge disparity that separates us. I feel a great love for you, and would like to share it together, but I can’t, so I’ll satisfy this need by staring at you.”
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:: “I feel that I love you even more and more every day that goes by. ”
Category: Whatsapp love messages

:: “Love has knocked at my door, since the day I first saw you I can’t stop thinking about you. Please, tell me if you feel the same, I need to know that.”
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Deep love quotes to express
how you really feel

:: “I want to know if when you look at me your heart trembles, if when I’m close to you, you feel butterflies in your chest, such as I feel them my sweet love.”
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:: “Because you’re so special to me is that today I’m sending you this message. Love has illuminated my days. Finally I know what love is. Thank you, I have recovered the hope of living.”
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:: “I love you like the birds at dawn, and I will love you as if it were the last day of my existence. I will never let you go.”
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:: “The following words I’ll tell you keep my biggest secret: I only love you.”
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True love short messages

:: “You came into my heart and today I am your prisoner. Save me with your sincere love; the only thing I want to reach is you, as well as being able to give you everything I have.”
Category : True love messages

:: “Even when you’re not at my side, I feel you in every moment, and it is because I love you too much. Only true love makes it possible that when you are absent I can still see and feel you.”
Category : True love messages

:: “When at night you are not able to sleep, think of me. I’ll help you to get into the world of the most beautiful dreams you’ve ever had. I love you.”
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We are sure that these romantic texts will make your partner incredibly happy. Remember that we are always renovating this website, so come back soon for more cute phrases.Romantic love messages to make her fall in love

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