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Best positive
short christian messages

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At some point in our lives, we all have felt the need to come closer to God. In this article you will find positive Christian phrases with very spiritual messages that you can send to your friends, family, coworkers, etc.
Christian instant messages that no doubt will give some peace and tranquility to their lives.

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“God is my way, my faith and salvation. Everything is possible with him”.
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“True Christians hold no grudges, love their friends and pray for their enemies”.
Category :Short christian text messages

“In this world we all have a reason to live. God has a special mission for each one of us”.
Category :Short christian text messages

“True Christians are not those who say they are, but those who try to imitate Christ”.
Category :Short christian text messages

“Life is a gift from God. Let us take care of ours and our neighbors’ to have a better world”.
Category :Short christian text messages

“Men not only must try to live in peace; them must also encourage it anywhere and at any time in their lives”.
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“Christ showed the most selfless kind of love dying in the cross for us. Let us pray to him and show him how much we love him”.
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“If a friend is in trouble, advise him. Remind him Christ loves him no matter what”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“When you feel your life has no meaning, remember God has something special for you, trust him and he will bless you forever”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“Think of Christ when you are in difficult times and he will give you peace and strength you need to get up again as go on positively”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“God does not only love Christians. He considers us all his children and loves us all the same”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“When you are very successful, remember God and thank him for your prosperity, and when you hit bottom also remember him and he will show you the way to light”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“I believe in God because he is my savior, my guide and my strength. Thanks to him I am what I am. Thanks to his love everything in my life goes well”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“Every new day, thank God for the blessing of being alive and for preserving your loved ones from the dangers in the world”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“Regardless of our looks, race or social status, Christ loves all the same way”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“The best way to express our love to Christ is trying to help humanity believe that thanks to his great love there can be a better world”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“Under our Lord´s gaze we are all the same, we are his beloved children, his masterpiece, his image and likeness; he always protects us with love”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“Those who believe in God are never alone even in the farthest corner in the world, God will always be there with them”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

“No material thing in this world compares with God’s love for us”.
Category :Inspirational christian phrases

We are sure these Christian messages will lighten your spirit for God´s glory.

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