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Such an important event as a wedding should not go unnoticed. This time is really important for your friends as it is for you. For this reason, you should remember that wedding invitations are an essential aspect to take into account.
We refer thereby that the shape how you do your invitations is never exceeding. If you create an invitation that includes a beautiful poem, without doubts, you’ll make your guests not want to lose the opportunity to attend your wedding celebration.
Anyway, you don’t have to think too much, because on this website you will find all the models you need for an invitation; in this case, we bring you some poems to include in your custom wedding invitations. Take a look and use the ones you like.
Free list of phrases for wedding invitations:
– On this special day I just want you to come to accompany me, since I have found the love of my life, so my nuptials I’m going to celebrate. I invite you to my wedding. You cannot fail attending.
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Thank you for being that incomparable friend who has passed so many moments with me. Now that the time has come, it is time to say that I can’t wait to hear them telling me, congratulations on having married! I invite you to my marriage.
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– We thank God for having found us, because so much time for loving we have waited. Today our dream becomes a reality; we invite you to our wedding! Our destiny will be full of prosperity.
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– Friend of my soul, the day has come, it is the time to share my great joy. I will be waiting for you on my wedding day; nothing can make me go back now. I am getting married to the love of my life! Join me on this beautiful day.
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– The unimaginable happened; tonight I celebrate a memorable moment. My wedding I would like to share with you, because you are and you have always been my best friend. Don’t miss the celebration!
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– Because we are in love until death do us part, soon the day that our hearts God will tie, since we’ve decided to get married, and sharing with you is what we want the most. We invite you to our marriage!
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– God bless the decision we made on this day in which life we gave one to the other full of emotions, we want to say from the bottom of our hearts: we invite you to our wedding!
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– Because destiny is wise, a day like today has brought us together, and we hope sincerely to see you all together. On the day of our wedding, there would be nothing better than to share with you this great honor. We’ll be waiting for you!
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– The day that I will get married, I said, the mountains will come down; I now see that the saying was fulfilled, because my union with the woman of my life will detonate my heart. We got married! And this has to be shared; I am the happiest being in the world, for having met her.
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As you can see, including a short poem into your wedding invitations is vital to make this event an unforgettable moment. We hope you come back at all times, remember that we publish different messages and free tips every week so that you’ll be able to choose the ones you like the most.

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