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Every one of us came to this world for a short time, and we know that any time dead will come and we must to go. Each person thinks always in the paradise and when the time to go comes maybe if we followed the right way, we will go there.
However the people who appreciate us are the most affected of our pass away, they don’t know what to do because they always remember you and they hope to see you again any time when they pass away from this world too. In spite of this person is not by your side physically, this person who passed away is watching over you guiding your steps.
This article is dedicated to all these persons who is without his loved one by his side and needs some words to get over it. So, you can’t forget that there is something after the life where we all will stay and surely we will meet again the people we lost here.
Free list of good condolences messages:
:: “I feel very sad for the lost of this person who you loved that much, however I’m sure that you will see him someday and I hope that you feel all my support in your lost”.
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:: “Don’t let to invade you the sadness, because now he is next to God and sometime you will meet with him. Remember that I feel very sad and I’m here to support you”.
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:: “We feel very sad about what happened. But you must to ask God for his soul and don’t doubt that he is in heaven. My deepest condolences”.
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:: “Don’t grieve over, remember that he made a lot of good things here in the earth and God will reward him, besides he had a lot of problems, so up there he will be much happier. My deepest condolences”.
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:: “Don’t feel sad, now he/she is better there in heaven with God, and I’m sure that he will watch your steps. You have all my support”.
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:: “Remember all the good things life gives you both, don’t feel sad because this is not what he would want for you, so feel better because he is in peace now. My deepest condolences”.
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:: “His lost was so sad, but we must to think that he is in the paradise now with a lot of happiness and love, get over it. My deepest condolences”.
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:: “You know that anytime God decides take us and we must to understand it, he is with the Father now, think about it. My deepest condolences”.
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:: “Don’t torment yourself with the lost of our dear friend; you know that he is now in heaven with the angels of the Lord. My deepest condolences for you and for all your family”.
Category :condolences messages
We wish that these messages make you think in a better way about the things and don’t feel too much sad in your heart. You will see that he will give you a sign telling you that he is good. Come back soon to our web page, we are with new messages, thoughts, all kind of letters. Good luck. See you soon!
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