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A lot of people believe in a deity, who protects us along our life. This being who all people believe is a true and faithful God. Whose has sent his unique and primogenitor son to redeem us from the sin and in whom we can trust, he always loved us and he desire that we have a life with joy.

If anytime we see him, he will give us all of his love and care as a true father full of grace and tenderness. Those people who think that his life have no future, who feels sad, depressed or who believes that they don’t have the strength enough to face the life every day, we show you a list of phrases of God in order to help you.

To make you know that you will never alone, you have an angel with you always who even we can’t perceive he always is with us. If you want, you can feel him in your heart, in the air, in the sun, in the heaven and a lot of places wherever our heavenly Father be. Next, we will give you a list with God messages.

Free list of nice messages about God:

– “If we, the human beings keeps the faith, we must don’t give up. God is always with us and he doesn’t let us alone.”
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– “there is a being who is always watching over us and we can feel him, this wonderful being is called God and he is our Father.”
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– “You don’t need to see something to believe, the life teach in hard times, thanks to this you can understand a lot of mysteries.”
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– “If you committed sins, there is no worry about because you will learn from each one; God is your heavenly Father who always will protect you along your life.”
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– “They can hurt you, but God can comfort you and he will show all the mistakes that you have done.”
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– “Don’t let the pain angers you, no one has more suffered than Christ suffered in the crucifixion. There is no sacrifice that you can’t resist.”
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– “I give much thanks to my heavenly father for all the things that he gave me, I’m so happy because of you my God.”
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– “You will obtain the paradise if you decide to do the right things. Jesus desires that you can know the way which brings you with him.”
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– “Always when you pray, do it for other persons, the pray is a good antidote to a lot of issues in the life.”
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– “God lives in your heart, and whenever you want, you will see him.”
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– “The most important for our heavenly Father is that we have a spirit full of humility. Go away from the bad friends of this life.”
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– “God lives in the heaven and in the earth, he always watches over us, he searches us, let him to enter in our lives, and let him to helps us to be safe.”
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Don’t forget that every time when you are a little sad, dejected or faithless; remember that God will be there to watch over you, he always will give you the strength to keep following his way. Give him thanks for one more day of life, for having a family, the protection that they provides and protects you always.

You have a mission here, and through the course of time you will know what the reason of your existence is. Come back to this page to find more nice advices.

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