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We all love to share the happiest moments of our lives next to the people who we love the most, such as our family, our friends and of course the love of our life. But in life, more than once, we have to face the fact that a person close to us has to leave and so be away from us, which fills us of many feelings such as sadness, longing, melancholy and regret.

But life goes on and we live in a world in which technological advances make it possible for distances to shorten and for us to keep in touch via social networking, chat, video calls, and an endless number of applications that allow us to experience a fluid communication like as if we were really side by side to that person we miss so much.

In this section we present you a list of messages that you can send to that special person for you that is currently away and so you can express how much you miss that special someone. Please review the following messages and choose the ones which you feel more affinity with and you can send them by the mean you prefer.

Free examples of I miss you texts:

– “It has been many days since the last time we saw each other, and the truth is that I miss you. Forgive me for not writing to you often, but that does not mean that I have forgotten you. I hope we can see each other soon. “
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– “Despite the distance that separates us, I always have you present. I miss your kisses and your caresses. I cannot wait for you to come back and fill my life with happiness once again. “
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– “At night I look out my window and ask to the moon when will you come back, although I know I will get no answer, it comforts me to know that you also look at it and remember all the kisses we gave ourselves under its light.”
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– “No matter how far you are, I want you to always remember that our friendship will never be affected. The bond that unites us is greater than the miles that separate us. I miss you dear friend. “
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– “The problems we once had have stayed in the past, and as of now we will start from scratch because we are friends and we once promised each other to never be apart. I miss you so much dear friend. “
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– “Long time no see, and I miss chatting with you, stranger. I wish that we see each other soon because I need you. “
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– “If you go through a difficult time, do not feel alone because remember that you can always count on me. I miss you and I hope that we meet again soon. “
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– “A great distance separates us, but the love I feel for you is still as strong as ever. May God bless you and come back to me because I miss you so much. “
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– “Looking at some pictures of us, I felt very nostalgic for those good old days that are now behind us, you cannot imagine how I would like for them to happen again.”
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– “I miss you every single day, without you nothing has been the same and even if I wanted to, I cannot forget you. I miss you and I hope you miss me too me. “
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When the person that is away receives any of these messages, he or her will feel how mucho you like them and miss them and will be happy to realize that you have not forgotten them and that you always have them in your thoughts.

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