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Friends,FrienshipHow do you get back a friendship that was lost :

They say friends are the most precious treasure. Friends are with us through thick and thin, and when we need them most. Having friends is wonderful, people to share, have fun and experience with. If we make good friends, it will not be only while we are linked by work or neighbors; it will be for a life time.

Nowadays with the use of social networks like Facebook or Twitter we can contact our friends from anywhere in the world. However, although there are now many ways to communicate, having true friends is almost a privilege, and if we have them, we should appreciate and respect them to keep their friendship. We are not perfect and there will be times or situations that will lead to misunderstandings with people who love us as friends.

I have known people who have ruined a valuable friendship because of simple things like a football match or clothes; pride later blinded them and they decided not to talk to each other again.

Do not let pride separate you from your friends. Nobody is perfect. If they are true friends and we made a mistake, they will surely forgive us. In this article we will give you some tips to get a friendship back. It is never too late to get a friend back.

I am sorry :
The first thing we must do to get a friend back is to be sincere and apologize. If you really want to be friends again with them, tell them you are sorry. Be honest and apologize for your mistake. A true friend knows we all make mistakes and will understand you.

An opportunity :
If at some point you quarreled with your friend and stopped talking to each other because of that, visit them on a special date and have a talk. Time will heal wounds and special dates like Christmas or New Year are ideal to talk with an old friend again.

Merits :
Make your friend feel you deserve a chance to be friends again. Show them that, besides being sincere when you apologize, you are willing to know them better. Thus, you will avoid future misunderstandings and they will know you do your part to make your friendship grow.

Avoid danger :
Nobody is perfect and our friends are no exception. All quarrels and conflicts we might have with our friends will not always be our fault. If we already know what annoys our friends, then we should avoid saying or doing it. Letting them know we try not to annoy them is a big step towards being friends again.

We hope this tips to get friends back help you. True friends always end up making up and forgetting conflicts.

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