Last modified 01/23/2024

Which one is better Twitter or Facebook ?

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most used social networks in the world. Thanks to them, communications barriers have disappeared as we can talk with friends and also with people we do not know anywhere in the world.

Although both social networks have marked a change in the way we communicate and they both mean a great progress for humanity, it is also true that there are some differences and resemblances between them which make them worse or better for some people. Which has most users? Which is faster? Which will help me better to promote and event? In this article we will try to answer these questions.

We will talk about similarities and differences between Twitter and Facebook and why both social networks are very popular among internet users around the world.

Twitter :
The Twitter social network was created in 2006, which makes it relatively new if we compare it with Facebook which was created in 2004. Twitter helps its user to be up to date with current events, and also allows users see comments from people they are interested in like artists, sports people, singers, etc.

For example, during Copa América 2011, the captain of the Uruguay team, Diego Forlán, posted on his Twitter the experiences and feelings of the champion team. Also by this means, Ricky Martin declared he is a homosexual. That is, Twitter is more than a social network, it is more like a reliable and fast information community. As for its number of users, Twitter has approximately 300 million while Facebook is close to 600 million.

But we must specify that Twitter is the preferred means for adult internet users, and this is because Twitter has more news of general interest. For further details, visit

Facebook :
The Facebook social network was created in 2004, and perhaps for this reason Facebook has more users than Twitter (approximately double as much). In Facebook we can see and share messages, pictures, videos, and it has a chat bar which helps us talk in real time with our friends. Unlike Twitter,Facebook is the most popular social network among young people.

Thanks to Facebook, we can post events and get invitations for our friends’ events. We also have the “Like” feature which helps us say we like the content of a message, picture or video. Facebook is simpler to use, and it also helps create groups or communities of people with similar interests, create all kinds of announcements and have fun with the many available games.

Unlike Twitter, in Facebook we can use more than 140 characters to post messages on our wall, but like Twitter we can use our account from a mobile equipment. Learn more about Facebook by visiting

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