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Current Job Openings in Canada : 
The process required for an immigrant to better adapt to his or her new reality is getting a job. This should not be a complicated task at all.

The successful job search in Canada is in knowing what part of the media used to publicize the existing job openings. 
Immigration to Canada does not consist only in arriving at the Canadian territory. This complex process begins when one starts living out a new reality. Experiencing this new life means being part of the Canadian labor market. That is, start looking for work.

Now, you are new to the neighborhood and not know anyone, or worse yet, no one in the entire city knows you. You do not have any contacts at all. So, before arriving in Canada, ask yourself:

Where do you start looking for work, where do you find jobs for Canada? In the following paragraphs, we will answer these questions, as well as give you tips to make your immigration experience to Canada, one of the best experiences in your life. 
The first thing you should know is that in Canada, unlike in Latin American countries, offers of employment do not have a wide range of distribution. There are several methods used. But the most important thing to know is that your resume must respect the forms handled in Canada; this means that it must fulfill the requirements and the structure they expect. 
The most common way used to find and apply for jobs is through the internet. It boasts a striking immediacy. However, its massive nature has created, today, for you to not expect a quick response, as companies need to assess large numbers of applications every single day. 
In Canada, there are also portals that are constantly offering jobs. Ideally, look for official information from the companies in which you are interested to work at. These are the major Web portals in which you will find great job offers in Canada:,,
Another way to get a job is through employment agencies (companies that act as some sort of recruiting agencies). These are characterized by their ability of recruiting staff for other companies. Most of these agencies will sign fixed term contracts, usually of short-term extent. 
However, in Canada, the most effective way to get a job is through personal networks. That is, operating according to the recommendations made in a known specific person, an employer who is in search of a worker. 
The best way to achieve these good relations is to try to link and be related to organizations, clubs, and activities that will allow you to meet people who are already established in Canada. Today there are online communities, which is a great advantage. It is best to look for additional information on the Internet. 
In Canada, there are also professional schools related to educational institutions and private companies that have information about job vacancies. 
Another means of finding work are the trade shows. For example, meetings in which large numbers of employers offer detailed information to potential employees; those are some sort of job fair. Such events can help you making contact with various companies, as well as getting to know what the current the market needs are. 
In addition, there is the Job Bank, a federal government agency, administered by the Ministry of Manpower and Training (HRSDC), where resources and provide information to people who are seeking employment. Note that this bank has a huge database of job offers. 
Finally, the papers are to be the most recognized by Hispanic immigrants. The job openings are listed in the classifieds or in special sections, the paper consulted. 
As you can see, there are many ways in which you can start your search. But do not forget that getting a job also depends on your professional skills and your attitude to overcome obstacles on the road. Remember that the most important in order to get a job in Canada is to be aware of the work culture of this country.

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