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Canadian labor market: job opportunities and working conditions : 
Canadian immigration policy seeks to incorporate professional or technically skilled immigrants as permanent residents in its country.

That is why employment opportunities and respect to certain working conditions are priorities of the federal government of Canada, despite the hard time facing economies around the world.

The global financial crisis has prompted the Canadian economy to suffer moderate variations in its growth. According to the indicators for the month of February of last 2009, economic growth in Canada is close to 1.4% due to falling exports and lower prices of raw materials. This in turn has meant that Canadian labor situation is also compromised. Currently the unemployment rate is reaching 7.7%, due to the reduction of full – time jobs.  
However, Canadian immigration policy for 2009 is scheduled to receive approximately 265 thousand immigrants, to be invited to give permanent resident status. Of all immigrants to accept Canada, 59% belong to the economic category (known as Skilled Workers).  
These skilled workers will be distributed in any of the 38 types of jobs required across Canada and correspond to the following sectors: health, college education, trade, finance, tourism, construction, mining and petroleum, computer, etc. 
Now, those immigrants whose occupation does not appear within the 38 work activities may qualify for the Provincial Nominee Program or as a temporary worker in the Temporary Worker Program. This will allow them, in the future, to acquire their permanent residence; they will have gained experience in Canada, under the program: Canadian Experience Class.  
For students who are still in Canada, they can work in part – time jobs or develop business activities for up to two years, through programs of the Campus Work Permit and Work Permit Post graduation. In this way, may qualify for Permanent Resident without leaving the country. 
It should be noted that those non – professionals also have employment opportunities in Canada in the following activities: child care, kitchen help, cleaning personnel, technical personnel in mechanical, electronics, welding, masonry, carpentry, heavy equipment operators, staff specializes in maintenance and monitoring of agricultural greenhouses, and so on.  
Working conditions for migrants in Canada – for those who actually get a job – are related to permanent employment, where the permanent resident not only gets paid, but also with training, hospitalization insurance, employment insurance, pension plan, helps government for people who lose their jobs.  
Canada is a country of migration programs based on the employment needs of its entire territory. Moreover, from the time of the assessment of the applicant to migrant, Canada provides employment opportunities for professional and technical level.

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