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Working in guide: Types of Employment, different types of Canadian employment:  

If you got to be chosen for a job, the next step is signing the employment contract. This paper describes and validates the existence of an employment relationship between the employee and the employer.

The Canadian labor market, handles different types of contract, which outlines different forms of labor relations. 
In the contract, you will be able to find the detailed working conditions of the position for which you were selected for. These conditions may relate to the following aspects: develop job specifications, the maximum number of weekly working hours, the remuneration for the development of working hours, and tax deductions and other deductions (such as unemployment insurance, pension plan and income tax). 
This article will explore the most frequent types of contracts in the Canadian job market: 
– Permanent Employment: This type of contract is the most common one you will find in Canada. It consists of a remuneration package (base salary, hospitalization insurance, and productivity bonuses and incentives). Employees who are hired are given opportunities to study, as well as from professional development. 
However, this type of employment is subject to a lot of deductions (employment insurance, pension schemes, income tax or income). The person holding this type of contract is qualified for federal aid, which means that, if you suddenly lose your job without a justifiable reason involved, you will be helped by the government. 
– Contract for Services (Freelance Employment): The person hired under this type of contract receives a fixed amount of money (tax free, at that time), to develop a specific project or solve a problem, particularly in a short period (it could be weeks or months). At the conclusion of the allotted time work, there is no employment relationship with the employer. 
You should know that under this type of contract, you do not get any kind of additional business benefits, although this depends on the particular conditions under which the document was signed. People who use this type of recruitment, forced only a statement of annual income. This type of contract does not qualify for employment insurance (activated when you lose your current job). 
It should be noted that seasonal workers (Seasonal Works), as work in agriculture or recreation centers, spend a lot of this type of contract. 
– Part – Time Employment: This type of contract is widely used for occasional work for short periods of time (half time). Companies that require personnel to these activities usually offer the minimum wage (in Canada, the minimum hourly wage is CAD $ 7.15). 
It is also important for job search in Canada, to be informed about the contract that best suits your profile and your needs. You should take into account that the Canadian labor market requires experienced staff, and sometimes for an immigrant this is a great disadvantage, having no experience in Canadian territory.

Therefore, to obtain the “Canadian Experience” (experience in Canada) and to facilitate their job search, it is helpful to volunteer in nonprofit organizations.

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