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Canadian Visas,migration to Canada:
The visa is a policy document that allows people, who do not have the nationality of a country, to legally have access to it for an established period of time.Canada offers various types of visas that can be classified as temporary or permanent residence. 
The visa system works around a system of reciprocity. That is, if you require a visa to go to any country, the citizens of that country will also need a visa for entering into this country. 
However, there are cases in which diplomatic agreements establish that there is no need of a visa to enter to certain countries. This is the case in Canada. U.S. citizens and most of the European Union countries do not need a visa to enter into Canadian territory. In contrast, Latin American countries require a visa to enter Canada. As follows, you will be able of acknowledging the different types of existing visas that exist to go to Canada. 
It is recalled that the processing of visas should be made on the premises of the Canadian Embassy nearest your current location.

There are many types of visas to go to Canada and these can be classified as follows:

Canadian temporary residence visas: Here you will be able to find the tourist visas, and transit studies; there are also the permanent residence visas, this is the type that all immigrants receive. All Canadian immigration programs provide this type of visa.

All temporary residence visas on Canadian territory are required to have a valid passport, good health and demonstrating that the immigrant intends to return to their country of origin (it is important to show possession of bank accounts in the home country). 
Canadian transit visa: Allows a person stopping in Canada and then to continue the journey to their final destination. Generally, it allows people to stay for no more than 48 hours. This type of visa is free of charge. 
Canadian tourist visa : Is needed for those interested in conducting a tour in Canada. These people are not allowed of doing business in this country. This visa lasts from 1 to up to 6 months. 
Canadian student visa :Allows the entry of people with the aim of completing their studies in Canada. As a main requirement, before applying to the vista, they must have been accepted by an educational institution (college or university). In addition, it must be demonstrated that you have the necessary funds to meet the costs of staying there and that you do not have any intention of staying in Canadian soil. 
Canadian  working visa : Is a permit to work for a certain period of time in Canada. It is necessary to prove the existence of a formal job offer and the adoption of this by the Center for Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). This approval certifies that there is no possibility that the workplace is covered by a person already based in Canada. 
For its part, the permanent resident visas are granted to all applicants who have passed the selection, one of the sponsored migration programs by the Canadian government. Thus, the requirements specified in each of these programs (independent immigrants, business immigrants, family reunification migrants) are needed to obtain a permanent residence visa. 
The requirements in all immigration programs to gain access to a permanent residence visa are the domain of one of the Canadian’s official languages (English or French) and that the immigrant has enough money to be able to sustain him or herself during the first months of his of her arrival into Canada. They must also certify having good health and having a valid passport. 
It is very important, in order for you to be able to obtain a permanent residence visa, to adequately select the category that best matches your profile and your immigration intentions.
Finally, there are several types of visas to arrival in Canada. You must always have updated information, because it will help you make decisions that ensure the provision of a visa to enter to Canadian territory.  

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