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The letter of professional presentation is a very good tool to help you highlight among many applicants to a job offer. Here you can describe what are your skills on a personal and professional level and make a short summary of your work experience, it is also a great opportunity for you to express to the employer or recruiter that you find out about the activities of the company and you find yourself really interested in the job.
A letter of introduction is the perfect supplement to your curriculum and is an opportunity to show how professional you are. Here you can write your motivations and why you believe you are the right person for the job. You mention that you do everything for the benefit of the company and therefore you want to be called for interview.
Do not forget when writing the letter you should use a very short and simple language, you should also guide you in a very respectful way. Always remember you should note the correct spelling and writing. Strive and make a special and different letter for each offer which apply. Do not use a copy of the same letter for every occasion.
Here we bring you examples of letter that will be of great assistance in your writing.
Example 1 of a Job Application Letter:
Dear Mr. Borja:
I am writing to you in the most attentive way to inform you of my intentions to run for the labor supply in the office of ________________ that your company is offering. I draw much attention to this role and I know that I have the necessary skills and experience to perform the tasks that are assigned me experience.
I am engineer graduate of the University __________ and _________________ I have an advanced command of English, I have also experienced the use of specialized software as ___________________
I consider myself a person with a high sense of responsibility, very committed to my employers and a great ability to learn new tasks. My greatest desire is to continue to grow professionally by acquiring more experience. That is why I want to belong to such an important company that you lead,
I hope to have the opportunity to show the quality of my work.
I am very grateful for the care given to my application.
Example 2 of a Job Application Letter:
Dear Ms. Gutierrez
Through the web portal of your company I could see the call for the position of ________________ and for that reason I write this in the most attentive way to you to my official nomination for the position.
I graduated from _______________________ at the University of _________________ and I have more than eight years of experience in the areas of_______________________ which allowed me to implement my knowledge and improve my skills, for that reason I know can play fully in the charge you are offering.
I characterize myself as a very proactive person who loves to take on new responsibilities, learn new things and face great challenges. Work well in teams and have a high sense of responsibility and punctuality.
You know that your company is one of the best in their field and would be my honor to be part of your team. If hired I will do my best for the benefit of the company.
Do not forget you can modify these examples according to the position to which apply and your profession. It will be very helpful for you.
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