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The job market is constantly changing and it is for this reason that even how to write and present your resume is changing with time. Today if you want to apply to a job offer it has become very common to introduce yourself with a letter of presentation in which the employer can know more about you and know whether you are a suitable candidate to be called for interview.
If the letter of job presentation is addressed to the director of a hotel, keep in mind that according to the position you want you will have to write it differently. Remember to highlight your personal and professional skills as well as experience you have acquired in similar positions. This gives you greater power of conviction.
If possible, you should find out who will be in charge of the interview or to make recruitment, in this way your letter is presented much more personal. It is also important to sign the letter and do not send a copy of this.
It is worth saying that you should pay especially careful about spelling and wording of the letter so that there are no mistakes to speak ill of you. The language in which you express must show respect for the person to whom the letter is addressed, and also should avoid excessive ornaments such as “would be a great honor to work for you”.
Here we bring you two samples of professional missives of presentation that can be customized to send along with your resume and increase your chances of getting hired.
Free example letter for a hotel position:
Arequipa, October 10th, 2013
Diana Lopez Arriaga
890 Las Dalias Avenue – Santa Anita
Dear Ms. Lopez
Through this I extend my warmest greetings and announce my candidacy for the office of secretary which was published by you in the working section of its website last October 8th.
I am a secretary with over five years experience in the reception area and during that time I have shown excellent qualities and done work that has been the satisfaction of my employers, for that reason I have needed to hold the office capabilities you offer. One of my main qualities is the warmth and respect with customers, visitors and other related persons, I have completed studies in bilingual secretary at the University of Santa Teresa.
I think that working for the hotel Marriet can be a great opportunity to advance professionally and enjoy the recognition that your hotel has a national and international level. I wish I could talk more about it in the job interview.
Thank you very much for your attention.
María de las Casas.
Free example letter for a hotel position:
Lima, September 22nd, 2013
Juan Obregoso
460 Inca Capac Avenue
Dear Mr. Obregoso
Warmest regards. The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I am interested in participating in the labor call for the position of Bar tender was published in the newspaper Actual Peru on the 18th of the last month.
I count with three years experience working for major hotels in the office of Bar tender and in the time I worked I could improve my skills in preparing variety of drinks and beverages in addition to providing an excellent show diners.
I am a person with a high sense of responsibility and who likes to learn and improve every day in their daily activities. I am very pleased that customers are pleased with my service, for that reason I would like to join the staff of your prestigious chain of hotels. Attached is my resume which will see more detail personal information.
I appreciate your time,
John Gomez
These two examples of letter follow similar standards. To begin you must disclose the position to which are applying and where you saw it published, then talk a little about your experience and your personal skills focused on the position and finally mentioned what are your intentions or motivation to stand as a candidate. Do not forget to thank for the care they provide to your application.
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