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One of the first goals that every business man should aim to start a business is to make advertising that state its brand on the products or services offered thereby to gain potential new clients. This requires making a difference with everything is set and perhaps the best way to achieve this is through the promotion of products and services your business offers in the most innovative and revolutionary way.
One of the most effective tools when publicizing your company is to write a letter of presentation which must be sent to all potential customers to let them know that your company is new to the market and has the products and services they seek at the best price. Do not forget that you must use a formal language; be very respectful and detail in a clear and simple way your products and services offered through your company and of course, the means by which they can put in touch with you.
In this section, we discuss two examples of letter of presentation to present the products and services of a new company.
Example 1 of a service presentation letter:
Bogotá, September 7th, 2013
450 Americas Street
Phone 6790870
902 El Dorado Avenue
Telephone 2304560
Mr. Gustavo Linde
Sales Manager
Dear Mr. Linde:
Through this we extend our warmest greetings and our formal presentation.
We are trading Sagabella, a new company dedicated to the sale and distribution of all kinds of furniture for home and office.
We have the most modern design lines and use the best materials to ensure that our furniture will be in full satisfaction of the final consumers. We have the most recognized providers nationwide who supply us with their products across the country. We have a lot of stock which ensures the availability of all of our designs combining quality with best prices.
All orders include shipping of our merchandise, at no extra cost, to your respective warehouses; we also have easy payment and guarantee you timely service and friendly service. You can view our virtual gallery on the website to place orders online or through our customer service line 4502560. Our operators will gladly assist you.
Thank you very much for your attention and we hope to be your partners in the marketing of furniture for home and office.
Distributor Sagabella
Example 2 of a service presentation letter:
Lima, September 20th, 2013
Sapolin SA
Jr. Lampa No 250
Phone 2306046
Alpha Omega LTDA
280 Cáceres Avenue
Phone 84280920
Dear Sirs:
Through this, Sapolin S.A. extends its warmest greetings and makes their knowledge of the wide range of cleaning products we offer such as: bleach, glass cleaner, detergents, soaps, dishwashers and many more.
The main goal we have is to offer high quality products at the lowest preference for our customers to have them. We have special prices for wholesalers which vary according to the quantity.
All orders include free of charge on transportation to your warehouse for storage. Visit us at our website and you can see our online catalog, with updated so you can place orders and enjoy our special prices.
Any queries can not be done through the website or through a phone number on the top of this letter.
We are confident that together we will make a great team.
Sapolin SA
It is of vital importance you to start the letter with your business presentation and then the business details which the letter is addressed. Your attention is and will be more personalized if you can figure out who the person I previously in charge of the company in which you want to provide your services.
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