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It is a bit unfortunate, but as time goes by, less and less people allow the Lord to enter their hearts. Every time there are fewer people who dedicate their lives to the Lord as they should, after everything He has given us so much generosity and love. The Lord is manifested in the lives that we live at all times and at every step.
He loves us without measure, He does everything for us to be good and ask very little in return, and that is the absolute truth. Let us try to reinsert Him in your lives if we have pushed away from him and if we love someone, then let us give them the beautiful present of conveying the message of our Lord, you will see they will be grateful and it will do much good to them to have such a wonderful perspective of the world in which we live in.
Free list of God messages for my partner:
:: “The Lord loves us and therefore He does not need any further explanation or justification, He is just love and this is how He manifest is, by watching over us and guiding us, etc. We used to develop ourselves as beings with no real awareness that we had a soul and what it represented in our lives. Let us seize His eternal mercy, let us make sure he has an important place in our day to day because everything we are we owe to Him. My Love, let us live in Christ and for Him, and then we will be much happier”.
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:: “All my life I have been very devout and now I see the results of the most tangible way possible. God has rewarded me allowing me to meet a very valuable person who loves me, respects me and who gives me all his trust every day. He has taught us to be good people, not to be envious, boastful, proud or rude, since all these features only lead us away from the true happiness that we might get to know. I could not be happier, by my side I have the man I always dreamed of, I know my life will now only go from good to better. Thank you my Lord”.
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:: “Being able to share my days with you is a miracle of the Lord and I will thank him eternally for having placed you in my life, cute sweetie. I know our love will live forever as the Lord wants it to be that way. I place all my hope in Him and I invite you to do the same, because this will give us a lot of peace and the tranquility we need to live our lives peacefully and happily, remember that there is nothing better than that. I adore you, you are the reason my heart beats every day”.
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:: “There are those who explain that throughout our lives, only 3 things do not change: the faith we have, our level of hope and the love we feel. Of these, there is definitely no more important one than love. I could not be happier, I evaluate my life and I realize that I have all three of them and it feels good, I have no doubt of that. I realize that I followed the perfect path and that having faith in the Lord allowed me know the best man and that now, with much hope and patience, I wait for what is yet to come, which will surely be something wonderful also”.
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:: “I am the happiest woman in the universe, because thanks to the fact that I always go to church, I was able to cross my path with the one of an ideal man, the one I have been waiting since I can remember. How happy can I be, thank you my life for all that you give me and thank you Sir for letting me have so much joy in my life. I love you, baby”.
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:: “Christ gives us all the love that can fit into our chest and so now I give you everything I have, my life. Because He has allowed me to be who I am today and now I exist for you”.
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To love is one of the most beautiful gifts that the Lord has given us, let us not waste it by giving our hearts to people who are not worth it and that do not follow the way of God.
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