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Many studies have shown that when we are involved in a positive loving relationship, then the feelings that we experience, in relation to her and to the rest, are pretty good, because they make us feel happy, satisfied, motivated, it makes us make sure that the things we do are well done, it intrigues us how wonderful it would be to venture, and all by her side or for her happiness. It is like as if together we were invincible and we could do anything.
However, it is also important to consider the other side of the coin, to the extent it represents the side of the problems that inevitably arise in a relationship and often make us suffer and distance ourselves a bit. Sometimes this is the fault of male partner and it is in those times that we will focus in, giving you guys some tips on the best way through which you can apologize for the mistake that you have committed.
Free list of apology messages for my girlfriend:
– ‘My Life, I write to you because I am very sad for my mistake, I never meant to hurt you, I hope you know that, because the guilt I feel is eating me. When I do not have you, it is as if I had nothing, I do not feel like being happy, I do not wish to see my friends or go out, I am not even interested in eating or having fun, only in the fact that I miss you and I keep thinking about you. I swear to God, if you allow me to prove that I can change, you will never regret it, because I want to do things well, I want to be with you forever and I will never hurt you, it is a promise. I love you, my life”.
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:: “Dear Sweetie, I see what you meant now, I cannot believe I was so stupid not to see it before and now, I hope it is not too late, because then I would die. I hurt you and I am fully aware of it, you do not know how I tortured myself with the thought I made you shed a tear, for me it is something very painful. Today I am kneeling with my tail between my legs, fully repentant and willing to do anything for your forgiveness. I do not know what else to do, I want to amend my faults, I want to start over, and I want you to look at me as you did before. I am asking for your forgiveness”.
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:: “In love, while we grow up, we learn more and more, but many times, unfortunately for me, we make mistakes along the way and you learn from being wrong, and in the worst possible way. I failed you and surely I will regret for the rest of my days, but if you have to see something positive, it is that allowed me to discover that the love I have for you is stronger than anything that has ever existed and I am willing to do anything for you and to recover you. Give me a chance, you will see that you will not regret it, princess”.
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:: “It is very nice to remember all those wonderful experiences we had together, I know that you remember them fondly despite what happened. I realize how wrong I was, I was guided by trivial reasons and now look how I am, completely destroyed, aimless and without knowing where the north is. I do not know what else to do to get your forgiveness, so all I can do is ask you to give me the opportunity to show you, for the rest of my days, how much I love you and all you are worth to me; I love you and I always will, that is for sure”.
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:: “Now that you are gone, I start to value everything you represented for me and I can only say I was a jerk, probably the biggest of all. Now that I am sorry and in pain, I am able to see things more clearly and with more perspective; if I had evaluated the consequences of my actions in that moment, I swear on my life that I would have never done it, but I was impulsive, I did not think and now I am losing you. I want you to know that I refuse to do it, I refuse to lose you and so I will fight for you”.
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Dare to apologize, it is the least you can do if you made a major mistake that has resulted in you hurting someone very dear to you. See you soon, bye.
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