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One of the most difficult situations we will face throughout our lives is to suffer the death of one of our loved ones. It is normal that we experience a deep sadness, and it is inevitable that we shed some tears for the pain we feel, but we must still be present during the wake and the funeral of our loved one. During the wake or the funeral of it is a common tradition that some people say a few words to all the attendees present as a small tribute to the deceased.
If you are in charge of giving a short speech during the funeral of a family member, you can use some of the small speeches we offer you on the next few lines; you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with and them make it your own by making it more personal and intimate with little details you can share with the public.
Free list of funeral phrases:
:: “We are all gathered here today to say goodbye to one very special person. A great person who we all loved, and who with his departure leaves a deep sadness and a void that no one will be able to fulfill. Life blesses us with so many things, allows us to come into this world in the midst of a family who loves us deeply, but it also takes these people from this world at some point. When someone we love leaves this world, it is inevitable that we are filled with sadness, so it is my hope that God will comfort us and keep our dear (name of deceased) in his glory”.
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:: “This is a very difficult for me and for all us who are here present saying goodbye to (name of deceased). Indeed your company fills me with consolation and so I want to express my gratitude to all the attendees. It is very difficult to say goodbye to a person who gave me so much love, affection and care and it is because of her that I became a good person. I want to thank you for everything you did for me and I promise you that I will make you feel proud of me”.
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:: “We all have a mission in this world and sooner or later we must all return to that God who gave us life. Dear sister, you left this world leaving behind a great void in our hearts that will never be filled, but I will always remember the wonderful times you gave us and all the valuable lessons we learned with you. God blessed us with a wonderful person like you in our lives, and we will always miss you and we will always pray for God to have you in his glory”.
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:: “I wish to extend my sincere gratefulness to all the people joining us in this difficult time that we are going through. It is very difficult to have to say goodbye to someone we love so much. We always have to remember those unforgettable moments we spent by his side, all the life lessons he taught us, but perhaps the most important one, that family should always be united and we must help each other to get ahead. Thanks for everything you gave to us, please give us your love and comfort. We will always have you in our memory forever following your advice and being the united family you always wanted us to be”.
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:: “I wish to express my deepest condolences to all family and friends of (name of the deceased), being here to say our last goodbye is a very tough thing to endure”.
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– When thinking about him, I can always remember the good mood he had, and the optimism and joy in him that were contagious and made us feel good even though we were going through difficult times in our lives. We will always remember him and think of him fondly, it will come into our minds that great smile he always had and it will give us the strength we need to go on in life. I know God has him in his glory and that from heaven he will watch over us and take care of us all. We should be grateful to have known him and to have shared by his side unique and unforgettable moments”.
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Use the speech with which you feel most identified with to take some comfort to the family of the deceased and say goodbye to that special person, remembering the best things he ever did in his life.
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