Examples of thank you notes for services rendered

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Nowadays, communications have had a more than amazing development. We used to write letters to contact somebody, and then came along fixed phone service and we are now in the internet era. Although modern ways to communicate such as internet and cell phone service make our lives easier, we still write letters to convey something of importance.

Daily, many companies and people receive letters or documents related to important affairs such as job applications, congratulations letters and memos among others. In this article you will find some examples of how to write a thank you note for services rendered.



Example of thank you notes n° 1 :

Lima, December 16, 2011

Professor Jorge Bustamante Villa
Lima- Peru




Dear Professor:
Your contract is about to expire, and noting the achievements of the institution I am honored to manage, I would like to convey my appreciation to a professional like you, who has contributed to all our achievements.

Your total devotion, regardless of schedules or efforts, has greatly surpassed the expectations we had set on you. So I am sure we will still be able to count on your contribution in benefit of our institution in the future.



I reiterate our congratulations and acknowledgement.
Lic. José Manuel Salazar Pérez
General Manager

As you may have noticed, in our first example of how to write a thank you note for services rendered, the sender briefly explains the reasons to thank that person for his services, outlining facts such as his achievements and his devotion to the institution. Additionally, the thank you note is short and succinct.

Example of thank you notes n° 2 :

Madrid. July 22, 2011

Fernando del Valle Cruz, Engineer
Madrid – Spain

Dear Engineer:
We write this letter to tell you that the works are about to end, and therefore your contract with our company is too. We are pleased to express you our appreciation for your services rendered and for your professionalism in your every action.



Your performance while working for us proves you are an excellent professional as well as a good human being.
We hope we will be able to count with your services very soon to both our advantages. Without further ado, I leave you and reiterate our congratulations and appreciation for everything.

Ing. Carlos Rodríguez Zapata
General Manager

In our second example of how to write a thank you note for services rendered, the sender expresses his admiration and appreciation to the employee, and leaves open the possibility of counting on his services in a next opportunity.

We hope these examples of how to write a thank you note for services rendered will help you when you need to compose one.

Image: Felixco, Inc. / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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