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The whole process to obtain the temporary work visas require a shorter time compared with the long process of permanent resident visas, it requires a special permission to work which is based on the type of work to be performed and information provided by the Employer.
Before continuing, for making arrangements for this visa, it requires that the company which is offering the job to send out a letter to offer the employment or an employment contract, which has been approved by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, this letter must be sent to the immigrant who attaches it to the files presented in the respective Canadian Embassy.
Canada is a country that despite having a vast territory and many kinds of weathers, it also has a great industrial development which has allowed it to become one of the world’s economic powers.
It is precisely their surface area (9 `984.670 Km2) related to its population (31` 612.897 habitants according to the Population Census 2006) has produced indicators of very low population density (3.74 inhabitants per km2), which leads us to note the depopulation in a large part of its territory (89%).
But it is the percentage of occupied territory that reflects the character of a multicultural country, because according to the Population Census conducted in 2006, 3.8% are Aboriginal (people of Indian origin) and 96.2% are people whose national origin is not Canadian (children of immigrants and immigrants themselves), such as Anglo-Canadian, French Canadian and Scottish-born inhabitants, Irish, German, Italian, Chinese and Ukrainians, who arrived attracted by the Canadian economic policy, making of Canada, the country with the highest rate of immigration in the world.
But there is another factor that has forced the Canadian government to establish an annual number of visas for new permanent residents (an average of 250,000 for 2010) and the aging population is increasing the number of future retiree population and it reduces the number of economically active population and it also additionally sets an annual bill of about 90,000 work visas for temporary migrant workers.
To define adequately what type of visa is qualified, is actually the fundamental requirement to avoid mistakes in the procedure that can generate a loss of time and money really meaningful, this is because not all of the people can fulfill the requirements to just obtain the permanent or temporary visa and not everyone can migrate without job offers to Canada, just because the starting point is the letter which is offering some kind of new job at this country.
The job offer letter should contain the characteristics of the job offered in both, the current denomination and the level of duties and salary amount allocated and the of course, contract period. It should also make mention about the respective profile (the knowledge, some skills and principally, the experience) these are totally needed for the position obtained by the new migrant.
Preferably, the letter should be printed on the letterhead with the respective name of the company and must be contain the respective signature of the legal representative people of the company, and also it must be recognized by Canadian law. The Letter to Offer some employment must be showed by the company to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and that way it will be requesting permission to work.
Finally, the immigrant must continue with the established process and keep up the document management in the nearest Canadian embassy. This document allows a lot of immigrant people to simplify the process for workers with a contract prior to arrival in Canadian territory.

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