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Skills required by a professional immigrant in Canadà :

The possibility of getting a professional job in Canada is not only up to the Permanent Resident status. There are various activities and skills to be developed in order to achieve the job for which you have been getting ready for.

Canada is a country with one of the world’s most developed economies. So, to an immigrant in Canada, getting a professional job means success, because this implies getting higher wages, having more opportunities for growth and hence household welfare. Now, to achieve success in Canada it is to have competencies and skills, which will be indicated as follows. 
The most important contest, given the idiosyncrasies of Canada and its status as a bilingual country, is knowledge of the language (French or English), according to the province in which you reside. If the area of Quebec, you must master the French language (over 80% of the population is French). If this is Brunswick and Manitoba provinces, also the predominant language is French. In the other provinces like British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, will use English as primary language. However, those who master both languages have a greater chance of finding a job with good pay.  
Another important responsibility that every immigrant must have a Permanent Resident is the relevant degree to get a professional job. Now, the local standard for a profession requires a license and be authorized to issue only are the respective professional bodies, subject to compliance with requirements that vary among the different schools. These requirements consist of an examination of professional practice, knowledge test, work experience and language skills. You should know that every process of obtaining a professional license is approximately between 1 and 3 years.  
Do not forget that the professions in Canada are regulated. Some are reserved and other ones of exclusive development. The regulated professions are related to civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, medicine, accounting and architecture. Relevant, before deciding to travel to Canada, meet and review the list of occupations permitted and regulated by the Canadian Federal Government. This information is available closer to the nearest embassy.  
As for the skills required by a professional immigrant with permanent resident status, to get a job, is their knowledge and experience in computer science. Canada is a computerized economy in all areas. It is also important that the applicant has the ability to interact with co – workers and be able of been part of a team. That is, it requires a social communicative behavior, and voluntary participation in social activities and sports.  
In addition, all immigrants must have the ability to adapt to new environments, which allow them to discover their emotional stability. Been aware of the new reality that he or she might be living is essential to demonstrate his or her employers that the adaptation process will not condition his or her employment and professional development.  
It is essential that the Permanent Resident emigrated, while waiting they will grant a license to practice, perform jobs that are not necessarily linked to their career, but will allow you to gain work experience in the Canadian system. Or at least should develop voluntary work related to their specialty, in their new community service for a few hours a week. This is valued by Canadian employers.  
Please be aware that the fact of having permanent resident status does not guarantee, the migrant, who can exercise their profession. First you must obtain the appropriate license. Therefore, before making the decision to immigrate to Canada, you must be aware of all the information available.  

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