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Tips to save money on your wedding, planning cheap wedding ideas :

Are you planning your own wedding?…some advices to spend less money on this event…thinking about the marriage is not all about love and illusions, it is also the planning of it and money needed to make it possible. 



The marriage is one of the most important steps in our life, everybody wishes to have a happy marriage and make of this day an unforgettable one, a day that lasts in our head like the nicest memory. An unforgettable wedding is when the couple can share all the happiest moments with their friends, family and all the closest people.

Many times, the planning of a wedding means that you already have a good amount of money in your pockets and everyone cannot afford a good wedding. So, here I will give some advises to spend less money and that way, the wedding won’t leave you broke. 

Here I will write a list of the most important things needed on an event like a wedding: 

– The bride’s wedding dress
– The groom’s   tuxedo
– The bride’s shoes
– The groom’s shoes
– The list of guests
– The church reservation (if it is a religious wedding)
– The town hall reservation (if it is a civil wedding)
– The place to celebrate the party
– The furniture for the church (if it is a religious wedding)
– The furniture for the place to celebrate the party
– The wedding cake
– The wedding dinner or the buffet
– The bride’s bouquet
– The bride’s new look (make up and hair)
– The deal with the DJ for the music in the party
– The deal with the filming person and pictures for the event
– The deal with the car drivers for the couple
– The people in charge of the service to the party 

In first place, you should already know how much money you have to the wedding, and knowing that amount you will be able of know what kind of activities can be developed and others that cannot.


The most of the women will want to have the most expensive and beautiful wedding dress, but they already know that the wedding dress will be just used ONCE!!!!. For that reason I personally recommend you to go to a well-known dress designer, which makes a good work and the most important… NOT EXPENSIVE!!, the same for the groom’s tuxedo. If you do not want to go to a dress designer, then you can go to a several shops and places to rent wedding dresses and tuxedos for these events.

If you are going to have a religious wedding, do not forget to reserve the church ON TIME.

If you are going to have a civil wedding, do not forget to separate the wedding date on the town hall ON TIME, you can be able of make the wedding ceremony in other place than the town hall’s reception living room, GET INFORMED ABOUT IT. 

If you are planning of making a party after the ceremony, do not forget to make a list of guests, it may be written by hand or computer, with exactly the number and the names (family, closet friends, job friends, family friends, etc) I recommend you to add 5 more people to the list without a name because we do not know if there is going to be any problems or may be extra guests never expected.

About the place where will develop the party or the ceremony, try to finding out about the rent of houses to events like this, I recommend to make it in a friend’s house or a nephew or cousin’s house, whatever but ASK THEM FIRST.

About the buffet, if you know a person that happens to be a good cook and it is cheap, then you can hire that person, but just if you KNOW that this person is a good cook.

About the furniture for the place, you should go to a nursery, there are some nurseries that offer this kind of wedding service and it is really cheap, but also it is an option that you buy the flowers and decorate it by yourself (WHERE YOU WILL SHOW YOUR CREATIVITY AND PERSONAL TOUCH).

The music is an important element for the party, you can make a deal with an orchestra, but I recommend you to choose a friend or a member of the family that happens to be good in the computer and give that job (it is simple; all the music can be loaded from the internet and copied to your computer).

The car…I tell you what……. lend it from a friend or a family member and decorate it….you will save money…  I assured you that!!

A GOOD ADVICE… try to avoid spending money with the advices before mentioned, I recommend you that neither the cake nor the filming would have been by a beginner, and the pictures of course, try to spend a little more on these because it will be the memory of a happy day and we do not want any kind of troubles. 

Take in mind all these advices to your wedding, I tell you this because short time ago I past for the same and I certainly can tell you that the marriage costs a lot of money but it is within you knowing how to save some money.

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