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Do you want to buy a wedding present??   Read this advises before doing it :

The marriage is a very important step in life for some and it exists because there is a mature and true love between two people and being part of this event means that the couple thinks that is something important and wishes to share a moment of happiness by sending you a wedding invitation card. So it would not be a bad idea to give them a good present. 

Picking up the right gift for newlyweds is not an easy task, a long time ago a 7 times married American woman was really tired of getting always the same wedding presents, so she brings with the idea of making her own list, well that list was detailing exactly what kind of gifts the woman wanted and her guests had knowledge of the right presents, since there the wedding present becomes a tradition…..  Funny huh?  

If the guest is going or not to the wedding, the present must be sent anyways. 

Some couples prefer cash instead of a present, which is why many times is sent to us the number of their count in a bank to send the money that way, well in these cases it is easier, because the only thing to do is send the money to the bank without all the trouble of choosing a gift. 

These days it is common that the couple make a list at any clothe shop and electrical appliance shop with the purpose to reduce the risk of any guest will buy the wrong or the same present given by another guest. 

Some other options are the followings: 

A good option for a wedding present would be the domestic gifts, every newlyweds will need these gifts because they are starting a new life and for that reason a new home to build, these presents could be (a nice piece of furniture, a wash machine, a kitchen machine, a microwave, if you wish, a new refrigerator, a good iron etc).

There are some people that give pets to the newlyweds, like a puppy or a cat (but it is recommendable to ask to the couple first, because not all the newlyweds like this kind of gifts)

The decoration objects are a good option like paintings, living room tables, family portraits, between other choices.

An effective option is to give something that is already in the list made by the couple, like the wedding cake, the filming deal, a good DJ for some music etc, but almost always the family or the closest friend are the ones that choose those gifts.

Well then, any choice you will choose, must be carefully and always with a sense of good taste, because your present will speak a lot about you… maybe good or may be really bad… TAKE THAT IN MIND.

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