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It’s hard to think of another person as we are so tied than to our mother. We will know that we can always count on her support and that she will always be with us at any time.

We are connected to her since we are in her womb, we form within it receive the unconditional love that she gives us when we are born and when we born, no sacrifice is too much to see us happy.

In this Mother’s Day, do not waste time and send a special greeting through a Smartphone app like Whatsapp Messenger.
In this article we gift you a few words to give you an idea of how you could express all the love you have for your mother.

Free list of Mother’s Day messages for WhatsApp:

:: “There is no other person who dedicates much time and love to see us healthy and happy, so on this day I want to dedicate these words with love and express my best wishes. Have a happy day, mom”.
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:: “In life, bad things can happen to you and friends will come and go in your life, but your mother will always be there for you. Harness that you have her with you and tell how much you love her. Have a happy day to all women who are mothers”.
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:: “The only people I can rely on even in the worst moments of my life, is you. You have always offered me your support mother and now it’s time to reward everything you have done for me. Thanks, happy day”.
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:: “Mother, I send my most affectionate greeting for being such a good mother with me and for teaching me that love is a great tool to accomplish many things. I love you very much; I hope you have an unforgettable day together”.
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:: “It’s amazing the love that you show us, you are an irreplaceable and unique woman and I appreciate everything you have done for us”.
Category :mother’s day messages for WhatsApp

:: “The unconditional love of a mother can touch any heart. The purity of the heart of a mother is unique and that must be remembered and admired for their children. I wish a happy day to all mothers”.
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:: “I could not feel more joy than when I’m with you and when I remember my childhood with you by my side. Thanks to you I am a fulfilled and happy. Have a nice day mom”.
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:: “I feel I can always count on your help and that gives me the strength I need to continue. Thanks for always being with me, and I wish you the best and I always will. I love you so much”.
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:: “If I could wish something it would be to live always by your side so you can enlighten us with the joy and encouragement that define you. I love you, happy day”.
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:: “It is impossible not to remember a very special woman, who made my life take a positive direction and who taught me to take the love as a way to accomplish all my purposes. Thanks for everything, I love you”.
Category :mother’s day messages for WhatsApp

:: “You are part of me and it will remain forever, because you have been in the most significant moments of my life. Have a happy day mom”.
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We hope these sentences will please all mothers and to encourage to share good times and good feelings to rejoice this special day.

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