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We all make mistakes in life, however only few people are those who know how to apologize. Always keep in mind that what you do can affect your partner.

If he / she realizes that you lied or did something against, there will be many problems arose between you both and may even decide not to continue with your relationship. Our failures carry responsibilities that we can not avoid.

If you have done something wrong then you must be sincere and ask for another chance. If you want to apologize to your boyfriend, then you are in the right place. In this article we present a list of phrases to apologize to your partner. As soon as he reads these words he will give you his forgiveness.

Free list of love apology messages:

– “I really never wanted to hurt you, but unfortunately things happened that way and caused you pain, I ask you to forgive me and I ask you not deny me your love.”
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– “I confess that I was wrong, I should never have doubts about you. If I behaved so it scares me to stop loving me. Understand me please. “
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– “The affection that we have can not be compared to anything, because a committed fault we can not end our love story, I know it was wrong but I ask you to forgive me. You are the most important to me. “
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– “You were just giving me some suggestions and I took the wrong way, I did not like that answer, now I realize I want the best for me. Sorry my princess. “
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– “I went with the stress and I behaved as it should. Excuse me love, understand that I’m going through a hard time and do not want to walk away from me. “
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– “I kissed another and you saw me, I know that you have caused a lot of pain, but you said it was the first time and the last. I just you I love you, forgive me dear. “
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– “We have never discussed, and I feel really bad for making you mourn. Only I beg you to forgive me because I love you and without your love I would not know what to do. “
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– “We both love each other and this beautiful feeling can not be finished by a mistake of mine, I apologize because I should not anger in that way. Do not want to lose you my love. “
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– “You are my great love, since I met you my life has a meaning. If I turned away from you is because I was depressed, but I can not stand another day without you. If you forgive me I am willing to fight for our love. “
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– “Sometimes I have proud and that causes problems between us, but I want to tell you that I will never be well with you. Give me another chance and I will show you my love for you is true. “
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– “I hid some things because I was afraid of losing you, but I realize I was wrong. I rely on you because I know you love me, I ask you to understand and continue our relationship. “
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– “Sorry my life, I did not listen and got interested in you by being very busy. Now I understand how important communication is. It would be excellent you to give me another chance to make things right. I love you so much my baby. “
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We hope these phrases to apologize to your partner have been to your liking. Select a special someone and dedicate these phrases for him or her to forgive you.

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