Beautiful Romantic Good Night Messages

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Say good night to your partner and you will achieve a special way to have sweet dreams. When the day ends the sky is getting dark, the moon begins to poke and the sky looks perfect for romance.

Before logging out of your Facebook or Twitter to go to rest, spend your partner a nice phrase so he can sleep happy.
If you are looking for some cute messages to send to that special someone and say goodnight, then you are in the right place. In this article we bring you the most beautiful messages for bedtime.

Free list of romantic good night messages:

– “The sky and stars look beautiful, but there is nothing that compares to the beauty of your face. Rests well my life.”
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– “Sleep my love, dream of a happy world where only you and me together stay enjoying our great love. I love you too much girl. “
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– “All day I think of you and more when I go to sleep because I close my eyes and begin to see, until I think I hear your sweet voice. Have sweet dreams my love. “
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– “Your beauty has conquered me, you are the love of my life and for that I gave my heart, I hope you have sweet dreams and I am present in them.”
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– “Do not go to sleep without seeing the beautiful sky and moon, because I also will be watching. You are the most valuable of my life, you have sweet dreams. “
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– “When I wake up I pick up the phone and call you because I remember how much I love you, and I dedicate these overnight sweet words because I want you to dream with me.”
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– “It’s not easy to sleep at night because I start to remember and think about all the wonderful moments that I live with you. I am so in love with you. “
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– “I want you to stay with me every night and give me a kiss before going to bed to have sweet dreams. I love you, you rest well my love. “
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– “This day was great because I was with you, by your side we have passed the most incredible moments of my life, before I go to sleep I want to remind you that you are the most beautiful person in the world. I love you so much. “
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– “Look at the stars and the moon and I feel that just as the sky is endless as well our love will be. I wish you sweet dream my charming prince. “
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– “I just need to sleep thinking about you because your happiness fills my world, I hope you also have sweet dreams my life.”
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– “The love I feel for you is more intense every day, even when I sleep I have you present in my dreams, to have a good night and that the angels and take care of you while you sleep.”
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We hope you liked these romantic messages for dedicate before you go to sleep. Your partner will have sweet dreams if you send him/her one of these beautiful phrases.

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