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A true friendship is so powerful that it can make long distances do not matter. If you have lived good moments with a friend, your friendship will continue to exist even though they are at opposite sides of the world.

That’s because true friendship lasts for eternity and knows no excuses to stay until forever. If you have friends who are far away, you surely want to send them a message to say hello. Here we bring you a list of phrases to share with your friends that are distant.



Do not forget that you have many online tools to send your messages, so open your Facebook, your Twitter or any other social network you have and send one of these phrases to let your friends know you remember them and consider their friendship prevailing.

Free list of cute messages for a distant friendship:

– “A true friendship knows no distance and good friends remain despite what happens”
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– “Many people forget their friends who are far away but when the friendship is sincere, continues despite being thousands of miles away.”
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– “Friendship knows no impossible and that is why despite the distance I still consider you my friend and I still love you as such.”
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– “I know you had to leave home to achieve your goals and build by your own a great future and even though you are away, we will remain friends forever.”
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– “A true friend remembers important dates regardless of how long you have failed to see because the distance for friendship does not exist.”
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– “Thanks to the Internet and other technological advances, the friendship is maintained despite the great distances, so we just need to spend some time to greet our friends and ask them how they are”
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– “The great distances only means physically separation for the real people, because the real friends they continue to be friends even though they are away.”
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– “No matter if you go to China, I always follow you considering as a great friend and will always be in touch.”
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– “Relationships are usually end when the partners are in distant places but true friends forever remain so regardless of the distance”
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– “It is very important to have friends because with them we feel loved and live great moments, today, thanks to technology, it is possible that we stay in constant communication regardless of the distance that separates us.”
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– “A true friend never saved the trunk of forgetting, he will always have in a moment the right words to express how much he appreciates you.”
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– “The distance can not kill a true friendship is even possible to make new friends in spite of it.”
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Share some of these phrases with your friends who are distant and see that so you will glad their days and will bring great memories to their minds.

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