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Planning my wedding party to be a total success : 

The most of the couple take the decision of getting married to celebrate a really great wedding. However, even if the expenses of the wedding are really high, their wedding party happened to be a total failure, a complete disaster. The celebration of a wedding is always associated with a good planning process, there are even some companies specialized to organize wedding parties, by the way the cost of this kind of service is really ridiculous, for that reason it is recommendable that the couple organize the party with their own taste and likes. 

Some professionals and experts in weddings say that at least it takes one whole years to settle all the arrangements and other kind of preparations. However, by the other hand, we truly believe that it is necessary no more than six months to plan a really nice wedding event.

The first thing that the couple must determine is the kind of weeding event they want to celebrate, in other words, if they want just a civic wedding, a religious wedding or maybe they want both of them.

After that important decision was taken wisely, it actually is highly necessary to choose the size of the wedding event, in other words, if it is going to be a moderated and familiar wedding (with the presence of the closest family possible) or maybe it is going to be a wedding with lots of guests (with a great amount of people around) or maybe the couple want an average wedding with a reasonable number of family and friends.

Before starting to plan the wedding it is really necessary to count with enough money to celebrate a good wedding event. The most of the couples have a count at the bank especially for their wedding celebration, in other cases the expenses are assumed by the parents of the couple.

Once the important details were settled, the couple must choose and reserve the exact date for the wedding ceremony, and the places where it is going to be celebrated the civic and religious ceremonies and of course where will be the wedding party.

Another very important aspect of the planning process of a wedding is absolutely the dress of the bride, to do this, it is necessary that the couple start talking about the money to buy the respective dress. Although the men are very relaxed about what they are going to wear on that special day, by the other hand the women really want to wear a beautiful dress, of course the right pair of shoes and the underwear is important too.

As we mention previously, it is really important to know exactly the amount of money the couple want to spend on the wedding celebration, this will make easier the process to settle all the arrangements and other stuff, because the couple will have an idea about the expenses of the party, the wedding rings, the wedding cake, the drinks, the music, the recording and the pictures.

These last options mentioned can be settles around three months before the celebration of wedding event. During the fourth month the couple will have to start sending the invitations, so that way our guests can confirm their presence at the wedding celebration and of course they can start thinking about the gift they have to bring to the wedding. On this month it is also highly recommendable to start choosing the witnesses for both ceremonies the civic and religious wedding, of course they can be some member of the family or maybe some close friend of the couple.

Once everything was settled and they money was spent, the couple can start thinking about how much they can spend on their honey moon trip, so they can decide if they are going to travel to a beautiful place or maybe they just want to rent a room at the best hotel in the city.

The fifth month before the wedding event, the couple must buy their “memory tokens”, these are little gifts given by the just married couple to the guests so they can remember that special day and it will endure on their memory forever and ever, as the celebration for the new couple. This month is also used to choose the person or people who will be in charge of the hair and the makeup of the bride at her own house.

Finally, the sixth month, the couple must check on every detail and also the service for that day must be on time to start with the decoration process.

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