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I want to celebrate my 15 years old with a huge and nice party… What, why and how to celebrate it ?

One of the most expected dreams of every girl is to be a beautiful princess and the perfect opportunity to become into a princess is celebrating her 15 years old party. Because there she will not only be dressed as a princess but she will also is going to wear a crown (named tiara) and she will be admired by all of her guests.

The celebration of the 15 years old is the party which is really the most expected by the Latin-American and Spanish women since they were just little kids, and for that reason we want to celebrate it the best way possible and sometime we make our parents to spend a great amount of money just to see us happy on that special day.

Perhaps many men do not understand why it is so important to us the women, the fact of celebrating our 15 years old party, well this day means that we are no longer little girls, not anymore and we become ladies. Besides the celebration of the 15 years old party is really important because there is where our parents introduce us to the society.

Also many parents, when this special day arrives, give some privileges to their daughter such like: giving her the key of the house to get in or get out anytime, allowing her to go to others 15 years old parties and allowing her to go out with friend but without the presence of any parent.

Well then, for us the women, being 15 years old means stop playing around with little dolls, it means we must learn to use the makeup ourselves, to use high-heeled shoes, but the most important, we start to feel how our body is changing to take the shape of a real woman. Likewise when we are 15 years old, we start to realize about the look on the face of the boys when they keep looking at our body and also at that age we begin to fall in love for the first time.

About the celebration of this party, it is really necessary to mention that it has two components: the religious and the social. So, if we want the 15 years old party to be a complete success, I mean an unforgettable party for the girl turning into a real woman and also for all of her guests, it is really necessary to plan this celebration with enough time to think about everything.

First at all, you must plan where the 15 years old party is going to be developed at, because according to the place or the reception lobby, you may determine the amount of guests. It is really important to find a really nice place with a ladder where the celebrated girl is going to go down to start the party.

The second thing that you must do is choosing the church where the religious ceremony will be developed and separate an exact day for such event. Remember that every 15 years old party must start at the church, because there is when a celebrated girl will say some words to thank God and she also will express her petitions for the future. For such words, it is highly recommendable that the parents help her with some good speech and that kind of things.

Third, after that you must choose the kind of dress the celebrated girl would love to wear on. Generally, for this occasion, the girls use a long dress, the color is totally white and the shoes are high-heeled.

Do not forget that on every 15 years old party there have to be a beautiful cake, to do this, it is necessary to choose a good bakery where the quality happens to be the principal requirement, and you must count with enough time to choose the design and the size too.

Other kind of details to keep in mind for the 15 years old party may be: the music, the drinks, the cocktails, the snacks and the dinner.

Finally, when everything was taken care of, the party is about to begin and it will start with the dance between the celebrated girl and her father, after him the godfather will take his place on the dance floor and later all of the male guests. It is also important to mention that lately, the same old song called “time of Vals” is turning a little bored, for that reason the parent have as an option to choose a younger rhythm like a beautiful ballad or maybe a romantic salsa.

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