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Put an end to a marriage is something that will never be easy for a couple. There are many factors that lead to this outcome as the absence of love, lack of interest in the couple, the scarcity of details among others, whichever can be the reason, if a married couple can no longer be together is better to divorce.
Sometimes we do not know what words to use to express what we are feeling, but we can write a letter stating the reasons that led us to this decision, which will turn the page and make your life more pain you feel in beginning. It is best to always act honestly and put an end to the relationship to avoid further suffering.
We present two examples of letter to be able to guide you and you can write in the most appropriate manner to your husband or wife to give an end to the marriage bond.
Example No. 1 of a letter to end a marriage:
The day of our wedding we made a promise that we would always be together and really thought I would be happy forever. But unfortunately things did not go as expected and the love between us was dying slowly.
We have tried to fix this situation many times, but all in vain. Routine life has stifled us and we think it is best that our relationship is over, I wish there is a friendship between us later, if you like. I do not want to continue hurting us and the best we can do is to end our marriage.
I feel a great shame because all the plans we made together could not be made, I want to ask you to apologize for all the mistakes I made.
You can count on me, because I like to be your friend and do not doubt that we rebuild our lives without inconvenience. All the things that we live together will always be kept in my heart. I know by now this will cause us pain, but time will heal all wounds. I hope you can accept that it’s over. That everything will go well.
Example No. 2 of a letter to end a marriage:
I will never stop caring for you because you were a very special woman, but lately we do not understand. The daily duties have made our marriage becomes routine, love is over, so I think that does not make sense to try to fight for something that no longer exists. You would better go each their own way and we say goodbye.
For me it is not easy to accept that our relationship has no future, I always thought I can spend the rest of my life with you, but if circumstances have arisen in this way will be for some reason.
I wish no hard feelings, I wish there is a friendship between us and what we want is more time help us ease the sadness. Remember there is no evil that lasts forever.
Fate did not want to stay together, and even though we did our best attempt we have not seen any improvement. Do not try to find out who had the greater responsibility, both did what we could.
I thank you for all the beautiful years together which always cherish in my memory. I hope you have many successes.
We hope that these two examples of letter to end the marriage relationship can guide you to express what you feel and you can end the relationship with your husband or wife.
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