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work tips, job tips, work advicesWhy do you want to leave your current job ?

Suppose that for various reasons you did not feel happy with your work. It might require you to spend a lot of time, there have been some conflicts with other employees, you haven’t been well paid related to your functions, etc, and you want to propose your resignation. When you start applying for other companies, they ask you to present yourself and your interviewer asks you the question: “Why do you want to leave your current job?”
This question, like all others which are done to you, is very important. The way you express about the company where you worked may cause a positive or negative impact to your interviewer. Therefore the best is to answer that your career goals can not be performed in the job you have.
If the reasons for which you want to get out of the business where you worked are disagreements or conflicts. These are not recommended to be told to your interviewer.
Anyone interviewing you, will not want to know if your superiors act unjustly, if you do not like them or if other employees are delayed when paying your salary. If one of these situations is what motivates you to leave your current job, just get to criticize their professionalism, which will remain in question.
To answer one of these questions, the best you can do is to express in the most optimistically way. In the event that your current job requires a lot of time, you can indicate that you are looking for a job that can let you study because you want to do some specialization or expertise, this will put you in a favorable position of someone who really want to keep growing.
If a decision has been made because you had some friction with other employees of the company, do not mention it because it might give an image that you are a person who can not team working or work under pressure. You could say, for example, that within the company are taking some decisions that you do not share.
Then we present a list of ways to answer that question.
:: “I’m looking to get more experience through a specialization, which is not possible within the company for which I work”.
:: “I want to make a line of an important career in this company because where I work do not give us that option”.
:: “Because I think it’s time to start new challenges. I am looking for some work to diversify my knowledge contributing with my experience”.
:: “Because I’m looking for a job that can implement my training”.
:: “I am seeking to join a company where I can have constant challenges and my current job does not allow me to grow professionally”.
:: “Because I consider that the new objectives of the company will not agree with my professional goals and this drawback don’t let develop myself properly”.
:: “Because I am a person with a great capacity to adapt and work in a new company will be an interesting challenge”.
:: “Because my current job is very routine and it is time to change to a job where I can prove my judgment and decision making as a constant”.
:: “Because I consider that the company where I work now does not allow me to develop and make more profits”.
:: “I think I fit in properly with the profile you are looking for without any problems I can fulfill all the responsibilities assigned to me”.
:: “Because I want to bring my experience and expertise to this company and I know my work will be well appreciated”.
You know, there are many ways to answer that question, the idea is to let your interviewer realize that you have a desire to excel and do not speak ill of the company where you were working.
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