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Many workers consider unnecessary the fact of saying thanks to the boss for the permissions awarded to them, this is because they consider this kind of act like nothing else but a flattering comment. However, every worker must keep in mind that the most of time these kinds of permissions depend on a really good attitude from the boss and also a politics and human resources of the company. So recognizing this fact is a very good way to say thanks to our boss for being good and nice with us the workers.

Every letter has number of characteristics and details which must not be forgotten. For example, every letter must be totally clear, concrete and short, so that way with a simple reading of it the person can be able to know the principal objective of this letter. Every letter counts with at least three parts: head of page, body (the content) and the good bye part (the ending).

In the first part (the head of page), you must write the city, date and all the information about the person who will receive this letter. In the second part (the content), you must write one or two paragraphs which will contain the principal objective of the letter: “say thanks” and in the second paragraph the petition should be justified. About the last part of the letter (the ending), it must absolutely say thanks for the time taken to read this letter.

Remember that the letters should not be written only with the objective to find a good job or to say thanks for the job opportunities but also to establish a really good relationship between you and you superior boss.

So, we can write a letter to ask for a special permission, to say thanks for those special permissions, to ask for some vacation, to inform about medical prescriptions to take a little time off at the job and everything we want to communicate through a piece of paper.

Many workers think that just because they simply do their jobs, the boss must feel obligated to accept their demands and petitions, but actually this is absolutely false. It is highly important to recognize the good disposition of the bosses who offer their support when the workers need them the most.

It is also important to mention that the letter to say thanks for the permissions awarded to us, unlike many other kind of letters, is not about a formal letter but a personal one, because the content means to express a feeling of thankfulness towards a person who offered us support at the right time.

The letters to say thanks must be written directly and they must be really concrete, besides it must not take more than a page. On the internet you can find many models of this kind of letter, which can be used as a clear example.

Due it is not about a letter to ask for a job or to establish some business links, you can avoid the formal writing, but of course you must respect the structure presented on every letter: city, date, destiny, charge, content and ending.

Next we will show you an example of a letter to say thanks for the permissions awarded to us at the job:

City (month, day, year)

Engineer Jhon keeton

Humesger Inc.

General Manager


Dear Mr. Jhon:

The reason why I am writing to you is actually to say hi and at the same time to express my thanks because of your good disposition to me in the moment when you gave to me the requested permissions. Thanks to this generous action I made my dream come true at last, I finally got on my hands the professional’s degree certificate.

Your attitude makes me feel even more enthusiastic about working at the company under your successful command; this is because now I feel like my personal achievements belong to the company too.

Excuse me if I turn a little repetitive but millions of thanks and I really want to keep working at your service to reach any objective marked by the prosperity.


Natasha Bubolska

In conclusion, the letter to say thanks for the permissions awarded to us at the job must be written really the most personal way, not formal because it is kind of bored. This is because you are trying to show your thanks to the superior or to the boss when you need support the most.

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