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Love, sooner or later, eventually ends. There are many reasons for this to happen; sometimes there is conflict between the partners, misunderstandings, infidelity, among others. All these challenges generate tension between them and no matter how in love they are, they decide to put an end to his love story.
When this happens, the two feel very sad for the ending of the relationship and always, one of the two, is the first one to try and sort things out. Although trying may not always result in success for him because the other person may no longer want anything due to disinterest or because they have someone else in their life.
If you are going through a situation like this and want to get back with your lover, then we will help you with some recommendations for you to reconquer him.
First of all, do not even think about being persistent. It is not good that you are suffocating your ex because he needs time to think things through. Although it seems contradictory, this will make him feel more interest because he does not have news from you and in this way you will look good because you have known how to show respect for the decision he has taken.
Also, during that time you can also use it to get to think about the reasons that caused the breakup. Be as objective as you can and acknowledge that you also made some mistakes, however small they were, have resulted in the breakdown of a relationship.
What you should also keep in mind is not to fall into despair and sadness. You must learn to handle the situation calmly, try to relax enjoying different activities with your friends so that you can clear your mind. Concentrate on maintaining good spirits so that you can win back your ex.
After having your ideas clear and having tried to focus on the aspects that you need to change to improve your relationship, it is the ideal time to start looking for him. But try to be cautious and do not show yourself pushy or too insistent.
You can agree to go out with him for a little chat, but giving him the impression that it will be a relaxed chat, for him to accept.
Once you go out together you will be able to express your feelings for him, tell him the things you have been thinking about and make it clear that you have a different attitude and that this time you want things do work well.
Avoid pressing him because otherwise you will only achieve to push him away. Tell him in a very subtle way that you would like to be back with him, but that you also want to consider his feelings.
Finally, the recommendation we leave you is that if you want your ex back with you, you are the one that has to make the effort. Meditate on the things that you did wrong and do not ever repeat the same mistakes of the past. So, he will realize that you really intend to change and that will be a big point in your favor.
We hope we have been able to help you and guide you so you know how to handle this difficult situation. It is not easy, but if you put a lot of effort in it, then you will get the results you expect. Never give up because love is so great that it is worth fighting for it until the end. Many successes!
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