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Getting a job is an increasingly complicated process because many candidates will apply for the same job opening that we are applying for, and for this reason we must strive to show our future employer that we are the best and the ideal candidate to get the job.
Your letter of presentation before the company you are applying to, is your resume, and not only the information you include is essential, but also the presentation and grammar, as this will show you what type of professional you are. One of the vital sections of your resume is the one in which you describe what your main skills are, at personal, social and professional level, as these will ensure your good work performance and that is why employers will pay great attention to.
To help you with the preparation of your resume we offer you the most important personal, social and professional skills that can include according to the requirements and demands of the labor supply to which you want to apply.
Main skills at personal level:
Resourcefulness: It means that you are a person who can use resources that are provided not only in a conventional way, but you can get more out of them to get a better result. It indicates that you are a creative and innovative person.
Tenacity: You are a persevering person who does not give up easily and before mistakes and failures, and are able to get up, learn the lesson and try again until you succeed.
Self Control: You master your feelings and impulses. You do not lose your head easily and can work under pressure without falling into despair and stress, you do not get angry easily and can treat any personal problem in a calm and quiet way.
Emotional Sensitivity: You can put yourself in the place of others, you can understand their feelings and in that way you can offer solutions that satisfy them.
Up ahead we will mention some of the most important social and professional skills that are also important.
Social skills:
Conflict Resolution: This ability of being able to solve problems within the organization is highly valued because with it you can ensure a better working environment.
Assertive Communication: It is essential to have the ability to convey messages clearly and accurately so misconceptions do not arise from the recipient.
Proactivity: It is one of the currently most sought abilities in the labor market, it is the willingness to take the initiative in order to achieve better results.
Professional skills:
Commitment: Since this way we would assume with responsibility the obligations that our job entails.
Ethical behavior: It is highly valued by employers because a strict compliance with the work is guaranteed.
Cooperation: Because this way you show that you also care about the welfare of your work team.
We hope that this list has been helpful to you. Although sometimes it is not easy to realize which of these skills we have, we can assess the skills, abilities and characteristics that we demonstrate in the performance of our duties.
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