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What a better way to get known in a company in which we would like to work, than through a letter to present ourselves in the best way possible, as well as our curriculum vitae. In this letter, we ideally indicate the reasons why we are applying for a certain position, highlighting our strengths and competencies with which we have formed, and a brief reference to the achievements our past jobs that might relate to the job position which we aspire to.
Also, you must include information you think relevant because you think they might be of relevance for this new job. Basically, what you want to achieve with this letter, is for employers to be interested in you and in the curriculum you are sending them. There are two ways to introduce yourself through a letter; the first answering back to when a job has been offered to us; and the second, when the initiative comes from us to introduce ourselves to a certain company.
When our letter seeks to respond to an initiative by the company, then we need to make it respond to the issues they are looking for in the people to hire. To determine this, we must carefully read the published job offer, no matter in what medium this was. When you are writing the letter, do not forget to mention where and when you saw the notice. Also, you must explain how you are like in relation to the working environment and discuss the reasons why you could perform adequately in the job position they are offering. So do not forget to mention what is your interest in the company.
Remember that the important thing is to be explicit on the matter, either by conventional mail or email, about what is the position you are applying for. Another detail to include is your economic aspiration, but only mention it if it was specified in the publication. If so, try to find out what the current average wage is for such a job. Your letter should have a clear focus, specific for the position you intend to get.
On the other hand, when you are introducing yourself spontaneously, then you should be sending your resume (CV) without necessarily being asked to do so, therefore, it is fitting that you manifest why is it that you are interested in joining the company and in what industry sector you would prefer to develop. Do not fear showing your interest, explain what you know about their business, your strengths and how you might be of use to them.
– If it is not specified that it must be written by hand, then type it on a computer.
– Do not use plain paper.
– If you were using your letter as a response, then check the ad repeatedly, trying not to miss any of the requirements. Keep in mind, as already mentioned, the current standard of salary for the position if you are asked how much you intend to win.
– Express yourself simply, make sure your message is clear.
– Make sure formality does not take kindness away from you and that your writing is enjoyable.
– Put your personal touch to the letter. There is nothing more boring for those who have to read, than to be submitted something that seems out of a mold. So research all the information about the company before you start writing the letter.
Free example of a job presentation letter:
Mr. (Name of the person you are addressing to)
(Role he performs within the company)
Motores Incorporados S.A.C.
Dear Mr. X
I am writing as a response to the announcement published in the X newspaper (01/09/2014), in which you requested trainees of the Faculty of Arts.
I think my training can be referenced without problems and I would like to convey my interest for the position you are seeking to fill.
I send enclosed my CV and wait for your answer, so that we can arrange a meeting for the purpose of facilitating whatever you require.
Yours sincerely,
(Name of the person writing the letter)
May you find the answers you need in this collection of information and may it allow you to get what you want in the labor market. Good luck, goodbye.
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