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Something that is equal in the lives of all people is that we have all the capabilities and opportunities to learn constantly and we do it from the moment in which we come into this world, getting the education that our parents give us, then in an education institution and then higher education. And the learning continues almost until our days on earth come to an end; however it is important that that learning is directed towards a goal we have established and has a lot to do with what we want to be and do with our lives.
Perhaps our parents can influence us towards a particular vocation, but they cannot be the ones who choose for us what we want to be, in the same way neither can the school or college we have chosen. We have the duty to establish specific goals for the short, medium and long term to achieve our goals in life.
If you do not have your personal goals very clear, do not feel bad or be distressed because you are in time to take charge of your life and lead it to success and personal fulfillment. To take the first step you must know yourself, consider what things you are passionate about in life and what you enjoy doing because you can turn them into a successful career, you should also analyze what your strengths and weaknesses are and how they can influence you for good or evil in achieving your goals. Remember that with hard work and dedication you can turn a weakness into your greatest strength.
It is also important that you consider that the plan that you choose for your life is not linear that it is directed towards only one aspect, it is very important that you have in mind that to succeed as a person, you must accomplish all your goals at a professional and personal level, but also in the love field.
Once you have set a specific goal it is important that you break it down in small medium term goals that you can reach one after another, which will help you measure your progress and make any necessary corrections in case they are needed. Never forget that there are important things in life you can not put aside, for example, you need a good physical health and for that you must have healthy habits such as a good nutrition and regular exercise. For mental health you will require amusement and recreational socializing with friends and family and doing different tasks such as selfless service for the less fortunate.
Another important aspect to consider is that in order to succeed in life there is no recipe. Some people will take undergraduate and graduate studies which will lead them to get a great job or form their own company, others are trained at a technical level and turn their skills into their source of income and even start their own business. Others may become athletes or artists with a great success and popularity. It all depends on your talents and what you want to achieve in life.
Finally, you have to know that nothing great can be achieved easily, you will need to make some sacrifices and hard work until the end. There will always be obstacles but if your motivation is real, you will find a way to beat them, make you stronger and move on. Accept the advice of the people around you, and constantly question yourself and dare to know if you are on the right track and for sure you will reach your goals.
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