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When companies seek to improve, then make use of a vast variety of means to achieve it and never let go the various opportunities they face in day to day basis. For them, it is not only important to keep customers happy, but also people who work with them, because when employees are happy, it has been proven that they work better, directly contributing to the productivity of the company and hence that a bigger profit is made and customers, as a result, are benefited from it.
So, as we can see, no one loses when we make the employees happy and the company is favored because the work environment generally improves and it has a nice environment in which it is nice to work at and do things right. Let us not forget we should recognize all the effort that people who work for us place in their work, especially if it is a special day in their lives.
As well as keeping employees happy, we must also value the customers, who make the company develop and grow steadily. Thinking about it is that we came to realize that one of the best ways to keep everyone happy is by celebrating in style and bringing all the stakeholders together. A nice way to do this is through a letter in which is sent to greet everyone on the day of their birthday.
With this approach, those who work with you will know how appreciated and are considered they are within the company, because it represents that they are people with a face and not merely one more number considered at the time of billing. This type of actions helps the bonds to be strengthened and also allow the other to know that everything is well in terms of the economic relationship.
On the next few lines we present you a model letter that you can share with your clients, which can help you greet them on their birthdays or perhaps for the anniversary of the company.
Free example of a business birthday letter:
City and date
(Name of the person to whom the letter is addressed to)
Dear (Name / Last name of the person)
It is our pleasure to address you in order to congratulate you on such a pleasant event, we want to extend our greetings from all our employees. Your birthday could not go unnoticed by us and that is why we want to wish you that all your dreams are fulfilled and that you get to celebrate it with the people you most appreciate and value, your loved ones.
We ask that you receive our letter as the gift that comes with it. We hope you like it, it is only a small detail for all the appreciation we have to you for being such a loyal customer. It is our way thanking you for the professional way in which you have been carrying out the business.
Also, we take the opportunity to communicate you that during the next month, you will have a forty five percent discount on your purchases on the store. All you have to do is contact your preferred vendor and consulting him directly.
With no more to say for the moment, happy birthday.
May everything go according to your plans
(Name of the person writing the letter)
As shown in the example above, the ideal is to develop a letter in which you congratulate the honored person, at the same time the business relationship is promoted to continue doing successful business. It is important to have this type of details in a personalized way with employees of the company, no matter how big or small the income they represent for our company, because we never know when that could change.
Do not forget how important this is, and not only with external stakeholders, but also with people who work within the company, with who you work in the company to make it grow and develop every day, meeting its goals and objectives, working together with common ideals. Come back at any time, we are constantly posting more tips and tricks that can help you in developing your personal life and within a company.
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