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When we are in a love relationship, we no longer think only of ourselves, but we also begin to consider our partner in what we think, what we do and the plans we have for the future. Usually, what people want is to share many beautiful and unforgettable moments beside the one they love, and sometimes you may have certain fears, perhaps in reference to the monotony that may invade the relationship and that your loved one gets bored, especially if you see each other frequently.
You do not have to spend all your salary for that special girl be surprised or happy, all you need is good will and creativity, this will allows you to have nice gestures with her, little displays of affection that will remain in her memory forever. In this section, we bring you a number of tips that you can use to surprise her for the two of you to be very happy. Remember, you only have to make an effort and pay attention to the clues she gives you.
Flowers: all women love them, so try and find out what her favorite flower is, and you do not necessarily have to give her a whole bouquet, one could be enough for her to be excited, surprised and give you a passionate kiss that will touch your soul. Give it to her by surprise, make sure she does not suspect what you are doing or what you intend to do, in that way her happiness will be more genuine and lasting. It does not have to be a special occasion or an important celebration, just you, her and your desire to steal a smile of her face.
Look at the sky: one of the things that girls like, is to be close to the people they love and that you dedicate your time just to them, in which you are not share with anyone. A nice way to do this is to take a hike as night falls, try to be at a safe and green place, where you can be quiet, watch the sky and imagine what your lives will be from now on and what your plans are. Choose a star for it, do a little ritual in which you dedicate it to her, you can even put a name to it and then refer to it in conversations, and so, if you ever have to separate, you can contemplate it at the same time when you talk and know that somehow and from somewhere, you are connected.
Prepare something in the kitchen: usually, we understand that girls are the bakers, even the cooks in general, but there is no good reason why the two of you couldn’t’ do it together. You do not necessarily have to propose to prepare something with her, you could also venture on your own and try to do something that you know she will enjoy. When finished, you can present yourself at her home with the surprise and be sure she will be happy and will not change you for anyone. It does not have to be anything complicated, help yourself using technology and the internet to find something that fits your means.
Send her a letter: perhaps there is nothing cheaper than this. But it will not be as easy as you think, because it will be necessary for you to pour all your feelings, hopes and dreams on paper, so first you have to be clear of them. If you are interested, in our website you can also find several examples of how to do this. It is a shame that this tradition has been somewhat forgotten, because girls love it and it is a nice gesture.
No matter how long you have been in a relationship together, surprising her and getting her exited is always possible, it will not take you much time or effort, but the consequences and her response will be amazing for you. Remember that it does not have to be something complicated, it is enough that it is something you have thought through and that she really needs or enjoys and she will be happy.
Sometimes the best gifts are not the ones that are bought, but the ones that are made and come from the heart.
Try to get used to this, but do not it very often either, because it can lose its magic. Come back anytime, we will always be updating the website with more hints and tips like these to help you in your relationship, at work and in life in general.
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