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Meaning of each Tarot cards, Tarot card meanings : 

Very often it gets more and more interesting to know what’s in the future for us, with an element called cards reading (tarot). So, with this tarot there is a way we can make some questions about our future and not only that, also we can ask about our past and present. 
The cards reading is developed by an specific person who shuffles a deck of cards and then throw them over a table, after that, the meaning of the cards will be revealed by the person who threw them (this person is often called fortune teller) and the cards will answer the questions made by the person who is requiring this service. 
The origins of this service called tarot are not exactly specified, but there are some people who think that it has its roots back in the Egyptian times… some others think that it is related to the old gypsies in Europe, although it may come from the age XV on Italy- Milano. Like you can see, we do not know exactly when or where the cards reading began but something that we can assure you is that many people all over the world practice and offer this service. 
There are many kinds of cards used to the cards reading, one of these examples is the Spanish deck, the meaning will depend on the fortune tellers. Actually, it is not really needed to have the fortune teller in front of you to make the important questions, now these questions may be answered by telephone or internet service. 
Like I said before, the cards reading must be developed with a deck meant for this kind of activity, generally there are 78 cards divided in two groups called “high arcanes” and “low arcanes” (22 high arcanes and 56 low arcanes) and not with the well-known cards we use to play poker or make magic tricks (52 cards). 
Here I will let you know the meaning of each card of the high arcanes (there are 22 in total): 
Card 1: the magician
Card 2: the priestess
Card 3: the emperor
Card 4: the empress
Card 5: the high priest
Card 6: the lovers
Card 7: the chariot
Card 8: the justice
Card 9: the hermit
Card 10: the wheel of fortune
Card 11: the strength
Card 12: the hanged man
Card 13: the death. It is registered without name
Card 14: the temperance
Card 15: the devil.
Card 16: the tower
Card 17: the star
Card 18: the moon
Card 19: the sun
Card 20: the judgement
Card 21: the world 
The card number 22 has no number, that is why we know it like the zero card (card 0) and its meaning is the fool. 
The next list is a representation of the low arcanes (56 cards) divided in 4 groups: 
Swords group: thinking and intelligence
Glasses group: love and feelings
Shields group : life and fire
Gold group: material  
If you are really interested about knowing what the future will offer you, try to find it out with the tarot!!!… But remember that the risk must be assumed by yourself, because the things you will know may be some things you do not like to know.

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